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seeign my lesbian best friend i have a long term bf help

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I recently told my best friend i had feelings for her. She admitted the same about me. We are each other's first lesbian experience. She is single but i have a 4 yr long term relationship with a guy. I accept that i am bisexual and i do have strong feelings for my girlfriend, however i don't know if i can leave my boyfriend for her yet. Im scared that she might cheange her attitude or not be willing to commit to a relationship with me. Advice anyone???

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I dont think its fair that you have your cake and eat it too, have enough respect from the 4 years you have been with your guy to tell him the truth so he can move on and date someone who isn't confused. If you don't tell him, thats selfish.


Make a decision which one (and which sex) you want to be with and stick to it. If you dont know what you want, then evaluate your feelings before you get emotionally involved with anyone else.

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you have too choose...otherwise you are going to lose them both. make sure your honest and upfront. your boyfriend deserves respect (especially if you have together for 4 years), you can't have the best of both worlds...it is that simple

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