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Could drinking a couple of beers a day cause weight loss by 10 pounds, anxiety, tiredness, body aches, extreme body aches, panic attacks, dehydration constantly? I know im under a tremendous amount of stress with work and breakup with girlfriend which was tonight, but i felt it coming over the past week... I have lossed 11 pounds, being 25 5'10 120 is VERY unhealthy???????? how is there ways to get appetite back, i understand stopping the alcohol for awhile will help, what are other home remedies that could cause appetite to come back? and i dont need any marijuana lol!! im just in a world of mess....

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ok first of all beer=sugars->carbs, u wont lose weight drinkin beer trust me lol id be on that diet asap if so hahah jk if anything you will gain a few. beer belly ring a bell? lol BUT! it can though cause severe dehydration when dome in excess & your body needs to stay hydrated at all times. if it doesnt that can lead to kidney, liver & diseases with various organs. even though you may not feel hungry, eat anyway! drink healthy bevs, water, vitamin water, gatroade etc. even when youre not thirsty! your sugars are probably all outta wack & thats b/c of your diet & stress. replenish your body with healthy foods & exorcise! & get plenty of rest.


i did wat u are doing, i lost 10-15 lbs post breakup & money was a severe issue & all of lifes curve balls were all thrown at me at once, i didnt know which way to go...so i drank, & i drank a lot!!! NOT GOOD MAN for reasons stated above AND also alcohol is a depressant, itll make you feel that much worse. plus hangovers dont help... if u crave beer, have 1 O'Duels a day (or another form of NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER just to satisfy your tastebuds.)


surround yourself with loving friends & family, not the local bartender...trust me, i bartend & ive heard it ALL! lol listen we're all here to help you, re-establishing your faith in tough times is a great form of meditation & reflection. take the time out for yourself & take a breather. keep posting we're all here for you!



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Hi there,

I think your anxiety over your break up has got you not eating right and drinking more ( how obvious right?) This has all led to the weight loss. I know that when I get deppressed I also eat alot less, there's just no interest in food at that time .


The fact that you are drinking is keeping you dehydrated and that is very bad.. think urinary tract infection.. kidney infection.. you need to stop drinking beer and start drinking water my friend or you will end up in the hospital--no joking. When I get dehydrated my back and shoulders hurt.... are you feeling that too?


I don't know how to get the appetite back, but I do want to encourage you to stop the beer and drink more water because your body really needs it.

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Hey DG, the sun rises every morning! Be positive, it's just the end of one story but another new starts! Cheer up man! That's a lot to enjoy in the world and alot single gal out there!


Fxxk the works, they could never ever be completed. That's why you still have the job. Try slow down a bit and relax.


You could stay in that 'beer' situtaion for awhile but should not be a habit. Drinking beer can't loss weight. (Where do you get that logic anyway?)

You don't want to eat probably because you drink too much. Drink something non-alcoholic instead, or just simply water.


If you stay like that, everything will just go worst and worst. And your brain actually is not functioning at all.


You'll be alright!

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heheh hey thanks for ur reply, but i am doin awesome! i havent felt, looked, or been any better in my life. i was jus tellin the topic poster how i was when i was goin thru what hes goin thru. thanks tho.


& on that note i am proof in itself that you will be happy once again. & stronger despite the lack of it now...trust me you will be..PM me if u need to i can help u personally along the way.


youll be ok.



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lol... thinks! For the breakup i feel kind of relieved, this girl has been no good for a year with drugs and cheating, i love the girl to the very tip of my life but i understand that its just a big pass over when it comes to remembering and getting over other relationships, the reason we separated is because shes going to get help for herself. Shes still getting over a husband that died over a drug over dose. So im welling to just go separate ways and let her either get serious help so she can be the sweet girl i knew, or ruin her life by not having me to guide her away from the people that once led her down the road of destruction. Im a pretty smart and hella fun guy to be around if she cant straighten up and realize what she could lose for good then we dont need to be together any how. right??


someone wrote a post askin if my shoulders and back aches, yes but im figuring thats from work. For not eating so long i kind of feel alright. But its deteriating fast. I was up all last night (drinkin a few beers lol) just relaxing by myself in the bedroom listening to some eminem tunes and just chillin..... Im goin to find me a nice girl to go out with tonight and see just what is goin on. Keep my head off other business use it has a meditation i suppose. Plus i might get lucky. Its been a long road of life and im ready to take a turn.


For the appetite its really hard to force myself to eat. Because i get really sick or throw up when i swallow. It could be some kind of acid reflux thing going on. and of course (stress intensifies it) I went through one breakup from someone very dear to me and i ended up in the hospital with stress to the heart from panic attacks. But im goin to go for now... keep posting in really enjoy talking to you folks,


thinks so much for the replies and hope all is doin well this weekend.

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