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i really need your help.

i saw this brazilian guy last nite and he sends me so many mixed signals. like last nite he was like messing around, with his shirt off, on top of me, and then he notices i like it and he like stops. it's so annoying, he's messing with me head. and then i wanted to like continue messing around, instead of going to the movies, and then next thing i know he's like we'll go to the movie next week, i have to go to the market right now, and that's it, no movie, no messing around. i'm so sad right now because i've been obsessing about this guy, sometimes it seems like he likes me, other times no, and i just want to cuddle with someone cause it's getting cold.


last year i didn't care if i was single, now it's killing me because i feel like i have no friends and i have to compensate with a guy. and i tried to make this guy into like my bf/friend and it's not working out. the reason i hung out with him last nite is because he said he was feeling sick on saturday, which is the day he prmised to hang out, and when he said he was sick and couldn't hang out, i was crying. CRYING. i was so depressed over this guy for flaking on me and so i cried. am i mental case?

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its natural.....I tried turning a good guy friend into a b/f....but then we had desided that we were too good of friends to get together and be a couple, then if it ever ended....we would lose our awesome friendship....we had messed around a lil (i've always been the shy type)....but even tho we had desided on that fact...i still cryed my eyes out when i found out he got back together with his ex....


so i have just moved on....SOME of those feelings are there...cause i obsessed over him....but hes an awesome friend....


so in my opinion....continue to be friends....if something happens...something happens....and hopefully for the best

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Hi there,

Well soleil I think that you are going about this the wrong way. You like this guy and it seems to me that he likes you too. You are just getting to know him--why are you crying over him? Think about how this looks from his side... he doesn't know you that well and you are already "needing" his companionship to hold you together... girl chill a little bit... it's to your advantage.


The most attractive quality you can have is confidence ( I've said this so many times). So believe in yourself. If he can't hang out with you today then go do something else and hang out with him another day. If you keep acting this way I'm afraid it's going to scare him off.


Let him come your way a little bit. See if he is all that interested. Don't invest all your feelings yet. Let's see what he has to offer. Be friendly and flirty and have a good time---don't cry anymore.. ok

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