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Is she interested?


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So there is this girl in my class who has been ogling me here and there. She's quite cute, great body but I haven't spoken to her until about 3 days ago. She seemed receptive to talking to me and wasn't turned off or anything or at least seemingly so. We went for a bit of walk and, before we parted ways, I asked if she wanted to go out for coffee. She said she would give me her number during our next class when we would next see each other. She said she would probably have time for coffee over the weekend.


The day came and I asked for her number. She didn't seem as receptive. She said she wanted to push coffee until Tuesday and, instead of giving me her number, she had me give her mine. On top of that, she didn't walk with me this time. I'm thinking she brushed me off.


My friends say it could go either way and she probably is just too busy with school over the weekend. I think she's blowing me off politely without actually saying she's not interested. Should I just back off and look elsewhere or should I just wait it out and see what happens?

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I think if she told you she would give you her number, that you should have let her and not asked for it again even if she didn't give it to you for a few classes. Because she didn't give it to you immediately and right off the bat and delayed it until the next class, she was buying herself some thinking time. I think this might overall be a case of she doesn't know you well enough. If she sees you in class, I would have given things more than just 3 days to break the ice with her, etc.


I would just wait and see if she calls you for coffee on Tuesday. If she doesnt, still be nice to her in class. Don't change the way you treat her there. Just be friendly, but don't ask her out again.

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Yeah I agree she's not interested. I had a girl who seemed put off, so I backed off. Later in the night we talked again and she said let's exchange numbers (calling my phone to get her number). She followed by saying she'd text me the next day. Four months later I'm still waiting on that text haha. Is what it is, plenty of fish in the sea.

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