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Will you help me kill my parents?


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If someone told you;


"Maybe I should kill them so I can be alone. They have lived long enough I think. Will you help me?"


even if it was jokingly said, and they confirmed that it was a joke, would you be worried?


Edit: This is not a teenager but a 40+ yr old adult male.

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People joke about all kinds of things. Whether you find such jokes to be tasteful does not dictate this guy's intentions.


Maybe his parents are overbearing and he's not too thrilled they moved back in town. Maybe they had just dropped by unannounced the night before. Maybe they're expecting him to have brunch together every Sunday now that they all live in the same city. We really don't know.

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True, but maybe this guy just has bad taste in jokes. Did you react at all when he said it? What was his reaction to your reaction? (I tend to raise my eyebrows and people call me on it...)


I don't know I think I kind of paused with the shock of what he said, all he said was that it was just a joke.

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I don't know...


I think Camus is right on this one. I joke about killing myself all the time but I'm not suicidal and I would never take my own life. It's just joking, and some people find it funny and some people find it atrocious. That's just the way crude humor works.


Also, I think if he was really considering murdering his parents, the last thing he'd be doing is talking about it before doing it. Plus it's not like he's an angry teenager furious at his parents for whatever reason. He's an adult living his own life away from them. He just must not have a wonderful relationship with them so he's bummed that they're now in the same city as him. Then he made a joke about it.


That's just how I see it, at least. If he hasn't given you any more reason to be concerned, then just take it as a joke, whether you thought it was funny or not.

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I'd say, "Where in the hell did that come from?" hoping it was just the overblown lead in to a complaint about them. But if I had my wits about me I'd also tell him that having said such a thing, he better hope nothing ever happened to the parents in the future, even by accident, because I would know exactly where to send the cops. If he didn't really mean it, that kind of thing should get a laugh.


Regardless, if I even suspected a friend could be a potential cold blooded murderer, I don't think there would be much chance for such a conversation to occur.

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