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Seasonal effective disorder


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I live in the cold heart of Canada. I love Canada but I hate the cold. You'd think after 26 years my body would climatize...but nope, still hate it. We have beautiful summers and I am very active outside, but for four-six months of the year I cannot leave my house without a big jacket, mitts, a toque, and maybe even ski pants.


A few years ago it was -30 celcius for over a month straight.


Some people don't seem to mind it so much...but you know, I've never been much for indoor activities. I don't really watch TV or movies...I like to run, go to the gym, hang out with friends, go to a restaurant or bookstore....that kind of thing. I get really depressed every winter for about 2-3 months to the point where it effects my entire life. I just sit inside waiting for summer to come. I also am hypothyroid so I'm extra sensitive to cold versus some other people.


I'm really thinking about moving but it seems crazy to just move based on weather.


A couple years ago I travelled NZ and Australia for 4 months and it was the best experience of my life. I would move there in a heart beat but its just too far from my family...I could never afford to come visit.


I'd really love to hear from anyone else who can relate or provide advice.

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"the cold heart" - love that description!


Honestly emma, if you went to a sunny place and it was the best experience of your life, maybe moving is something to seriously consider? I don't think it is crazy to move based on weather at all.


Me, the winter invigorates me. In springtime, I get funky until my body adjusts. It makes me sad. Can't explain it, but it is true. I've seriously considered moving further north instead of just visiting. Last winter killed me - it was a very balmy winter. This winter is fabulous, even at forty below, my heart just was singing. REAL winter, y'know?!


Anyways there are the rote suggestions. Vitamin D. Lamp for artificial sunlight. Lots of exercise and healthy foods. Or taking a mini vacation every winter to somewhere warm and sunny.


Sorry you feel blue.

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I don't think it's crazy to move based on weather. That was a big factor for me getting out of the northeast.


At the very least, depending on your job, maybe you can structure something in which you leave for a few months a year and go somewhere warm.


I have a similar issue- I don't want to do anything when it's cold, and it's a real effort to make myself leave the house. I also find my mood to be a bit darker during winter.

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I too hail from the great white north and although I don't get quite as affected by it, I also get a bit stir crazy throughout the winter months. I try to keep busy to avoid thinking about it too much. My husband and I try to make sure we keep active - otherwise we both get a bit depressed. Bowling, movies, going out for dinner - even going tubing or engaging in other activities like that do help. Also like others have said vitamins, etc. Hope it helps....


Remember, Canada has four seasons: Winter, more winter, still winter and Construction.

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