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I am 80% convinced that the girl I was seeing is now stringing me along. They say to always go with the gut feeling, right? She makes NO effort to initiate contact, even though she is online on Skype almost 24/7. Last I spoke with her was Sunday, when she told me she would invite me over for dinner. I call BS on that promise. When she sees me at school (like Thursday), she says hi and gives a warm flirting gesture, but that's it. She probably cannot get herself to say she is moving on. She is an introvert, silent type, and she does not have very many friends. So I think she just sees me as company. Even if she likes me, I am not liking the vibes I'm getting from her.


HOWEVER, there is still that nagging 20% in me that wants to ask her if she is interested in anything more than friends. What is a direct, genuine way to ask without sounding like Spock from Star Trek?

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Never ever live in the gray area. I was in a similar situation and i ignored my gut instincts that she was stringing me along. Result, I got hurt pretty good.


Have the talk the minute you feel the gut feeling. If she cares about your feelings, she will reassure you.


What would spock say?


I'm trying to comprehend the logic behind this woman's actions as it proportionately affects my mental behavior.

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thanks for the responses guys. I just reminded her about dinner and she said she remembers. That was all...she seems to be pretty cold. I think it's because she is seeing other guys and wants to play it safe for now.


So are you guys exclusive or just dating?


Reason why I asked is that. This week something happened to me also which made me think that the girl i'm seeing is also seeing other guys. WE started really well and fast. Get a message from her today saying she wnts to slow down etc. Some of my friends said that she probably is seeing other guys. Although me and her decided last week that we are going to stay exclusive.


So if your girl is seeing other guys, that means you guys are not exclusive yet. In this case she will keep it on a 'friendly' level with you becasue she is exploring other options maybe.


That's why I date one person at a time becasue i'm a firm beleiver that one person deserves my 100% not 50 or 70. This way I do all that I can and if it doesnt work out, i know i was 100% vested.


Have a talk with her.

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