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would it be considered Cheating?!

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heh....just wondering....while i was with my ex, i had a cyber relationship with a friend a few hours away....is that considered cheating?! now that i look at it i think it is....i haven't done any of that stuff since cause i Love my boyfriend more that anyone & anything....hes my world.....but just wondering what your views are on havign a cyber relationship along with a in life relationship

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I agree with PA. Cheating is an emotional thing. Yeah, having sex with someone else is bad. But giving your emotional self to someone else is worse.


Cyber, phone, pen pals how would you feel if your partner said, "I love this person even if I have never seen them."

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I think it's kinda like... If you think cyber sex is cheating, then dreaming about another girl is cheating too...


First I disagree, as long as another live person is involved, cyber is no different than any other communications. Is phone sex cheating?


Second, do you mean "dreaming" or "day-dreaming"? Dreaming as when your asleep is out of your control. Day-dreaming is another matter and should make you question your real life relationship.


Just my opinion.

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It's all a matter of questons. WHY are you engaging in something that is considered to be a romantic act with this other person? Sex, as a CONCEPT, is meant to be a romantic act, so no matter what FORM of sex you're engaging in, the concept still applies. If you feel that you want or need this "thing on the side", then what does that say about your relationship? It's obviously not good enough to fulfill your needs, so why stay in it and "cheat"? Why not move on and find a truly fulfilling relationship? I've always wondered about that.... *shrug*

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