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poll for guys and girls on glasses


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i was just wondering what people's opinions are of people with glasses. i'm sure there are a bunch of people on here who wear glasses. do you think they make people look more attractive/mature/whatever? i know it's sort of a vague question but i was just wondering. if anyone reading this has or had glasses, did you like them or do you like contacts better?


personally, i think glasses can make a girl look cuter. btw, i wear glasses and i'm considering getting contacts.

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i wore glasses for 10 years starting from age 15 (im in the minority of people who couldnt support contacts), and this year i got laser eye surgery. there is absolutely no doubt, from how i feel about myself, to what others tell me, i look way better without my glasses. but thats just me, theres some people who look great with them, it really depends on the persons face and the actual glasses.


glasses can look cute on a girl but we all want those beautiful eyes and face to be the least obstructed possible dont we?

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i dont really care if people uses them or not, i use glasses cuz i really have a bad eyesight, i had contacts before but i ripped it once by accident and 2nd it dropped in the sink while i was cleaning it by accident.. i seem to be having badluck on contacts and they cost alot to get a replacement.. so i ended up getting glasses.. but seeing other people, its up to them.. i have a friend who has a perfect eyesight who uses glasses cuz yeh she wants to look smart/conservative.. which is pointless but oh well its their look

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For me I tend to find glasses very attractive, but I also wear glasses, so that could be the reason. I saw on a TV show somewhere that Da Vinci had a theory that the characteristics you find most physically attractive, on someone's face, are something you could find on your own. (or something to that affect, I don't quite remember...) so I always attributed the fact that because I wear glasses myself, I find them more attractive. It's a neat theory.


I looked for awhile to see if I could find a link on that theory for people to read, but I came up empty-handed. =/


The girl I'm seeing now has glasses, but doesn't wear them very often at all. Although I think she's extremely attractive with out, I think she's even more attractive with them on.


So, I guess it really just depends on the person. For me glasses rock!

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I wear contacts, but I get a lot of compliments with my glasses as well, although people rarely see me with them. They say I look more approachable, i'm more intimidating without them.


Sushi Overdose:

Try getting disposable contacts, if you mess one up you just grab another, they are like 3 pairs for 20 bucks.



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>I agree with Mr. B, and I also add that it depends on where you're going...Guys+glasses+beach=not so good, but guys+glasses+museum=Cool...ya know?


Actually.. to me.. guys+glasses+museum=supergay, heh heh.


But I dunno. I've never seen anyone with glasses -- only nerds in movies with those really stupid large glasses so my judgement is probably clouded somewhat.

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>Yes, I suppose that you would think that equation=supergay...but unfortunately that word that you just made up "supergay" indicates to me that you might benefit from the EDUCATION you might get by going to a museum...(glasses would be optional of course). 8)


Lol, I probably would. Unfortunatley the only museum around where I live is about the history of pot. Whoo! XD.


I have nothing against glasses -- some people look really good in glasses, just as long as they're nice and go with the outfit, I suppose. Its just that when I think of someone with glasses I think of those thick square-framed things that take up half your face and my really old Science teacher who is retiring in a week. If you saw them in a museum you're not going to think they're cool now, are you. (Well, maybe you would, but to each their own.)


I didn't mean to offend anyone; heh, sorry. I'll go now.

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wow 17 replies.


anyway, i was thinking about getting contacts, so all your information is helpful. how long does it usually take to get used to them?


i'm thinking about them because i've had glasses since the 4th grade and i'm starting to think they're a bother. it's hard to find frames to fit my oddly shaped head and huge nose, and anyway they sort of make my nose look bigger... but at the same time i've grown kind of attached to them..

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Yep, I used to wear glasses, but a few months ago, I switched to contacts. I get mixed responses from people about them, some thought that glasses make you look like a nerd, and others couldn't get used to seeing me without them. Oh and hey, don't get discouraged if you can't get them in at first. It gets easier and easier over time. When I first when to the doctors to put them in, it took me 3 hours to get both of them in. 4 months later, I can put them in eithout even a mirror.

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Putting contacts in are not bad. I wore glasses since my first year of third grade.


You get used to contact quickly. They have all kins of differenet contacts and diameters now that will fit just about every size, which is a step up form a couple of years ago.


Putting them in is easy, for people just starting...put the lens on your index finger, put a drop of saline in the contact, pull your top lid up, looking upwards helps, and then slowly close your lid to remove the excess saline. It takes me about 2 seconds an eye from the tme I put the saline in the contact.



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