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kinda confusing situation with a guy

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hey ppl,


there is this guy named Jason and i like him...and he looks at me in the hall ways and we exchanged stares and smiles, but we have never really talked to one another. So my friend Ryan who is also his friend as well tells me that Jason told him that he is into me and i told Ryan to tell Jason that i am into him also. So the next day Ryan comes up to me and gives me a note that Jason told him to give to me...in the note he wrote his home and cell phone numbers, his email address and his AIM s/n and in the note it simply said "hit me up sometime". So today as i was puting him on my buddy list his name popped on the screen and my AIM server said he was on so naturally i said hey to him and told him who i was. like 30 seconds after i sent the IM he immedianlty signed off and i havent spoke to him since...that gave me the vibe that he really doesn't want to talk or he isn't into me at all but people tell me at school that he is...so its kinda confusing


*any comments whould be appreceiated in advance thank you*



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im sure there was just a misunderstanding ...try something besides his aim ...maybe someone else was on his sn or he got kicked off these things happen ..dont take every thing to heart...believe me i used to have stuff like that happen to me ...and i always imeaditly expected the worst ..but it always turned out to be a misunderstanding and things were ok ...

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