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Allright, so this girl I use to like has been making some suddle gestures that she may like me (body lanuage, sitting near me, I've caught her several times staring right at me, etc..). But the last time i tryed to get her, she seemed, well not interested. And personally i don't feel like playing anyof her games. But any way, it seems like she might be afraid of me. When ever I'm near her talking to a friend, she acts nevous, and doesn't seem to see me, but when were alone, shes complety nice to me. The question I'm asking, is how would i re-approach her, and ask her out on a date, and/or make her more comfortable around me?

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Well you need to spend more time with her before you can even think of asking her out on a date. You have to build up her level of comfortabliity with you otherwise its not going to work. If you dont want to play any of her games then why do u want to reapproach her? Personally i would just let her go and focus on other girls, life is too short to chase after women that arent really interested in you.

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You should ask her out! It sounds like she may like you, or want to get to know you better, but she may be shy. You should ask her to do something during the day, in a well lit place, like go and get lunch together, or go to Starbuck's. That way, it's casual but you two will get to talk to each other and get to know each other better.

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