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I feel like a failure sometimes with life

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My problem is that currently I am in the Army Reserves, taking two classes and have a full time job. The biggest thing right now is that I hate to study with a passion and I am failing one of my classes. Its like everything I do is all chaotic I even have a girl that I talk to and that I visit often. I just want to be free sometimes but I know that if I don't get my butt in gear I will pay for that. I wonder if there is anyone else out there who is kind of like me that has a lot going on but yet then again they really don't put as much effort as they can. The thing with me is that I don't like to fail but I am not willing sometimes to put in the effort. I wonder how bad things would be if I just didn't go to school I go because the Army pays me to go and because I know its important. I don't need the money from the Army but that is one of the reasons that I signed up. Just me venting out my problems

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hey dude, believe me im going through the same thing. Im taking engineering right now and i dont have a life. The people who say " this is the best time of your life" are completely wrong. I have a huge dilemma - change to something easier and pay for it later, or just stick with it. I think you should just stick it out, you will thank yourself when your 50 and retiring.

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I would say stick it out. I too am in this type of situation. I go to school full time and I also work on weekends. I haven't had a weekend off in over a year and a half. I know that in the end this will all pay off though. So just focus on the future and you will get through this. Oh and by the way..........who WOULD like studying?

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Studying seriously bites... specially if you have no interest in what you're studying. Was the same way until I figured out what I had a passion for in life. When you find something in life that you're passionate about the easier it is to study, to focus, to do what you need to do to accomplish the goals that come alone with the passion.


What are you passionate about in life? Is there a particular academic subject you love? Is there something else IN PARTICULAR you'd rather be doing? As a child what did you see yourself being when you grew up? What kinds of things did you like to do when you were a kid? These were some of the questions I asked myself when I got to the point you are at now. It helped me redirect my life towards a goal that was more inline with what I naturally liked to do.

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