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He's 38, I'm 21... What do you think?

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Hey there~

Like I said he's 38, and I'm 21. Right now we aren't in a serious commited relationship. We've talked about it, and we both just want to take it day by day and see what happens, which is really all you can do. We've been seeing each other for a couple of months, and just a week ago, I met his son, who is 3. Everything went great, we carved pumkins, and he seemed to warm up rather well to me, which is great, I love kids, not sure if I want any, but......ya know. Anyways, I guess what I'm getting at is that sometimes it just seems too good to be true. He is a great guy, caring, honest, romantic, everything you would want. But, I have a problem w/ getting close to someone, due to a past relationship. When I start liking someone a lot, I try not to, and just be kinda distance, but it's hard for me w/ him, we get along so well, I've met his brothers and sisters, and they have met some of my family, which actually some of them all went to school together! Sometimes I just feel like he may think I'm just young and immature, but I'm not, I have grown up w/ a lot of older friends all my life, so I am really mature for my age. We have talked about that, and he says he doesn't think that at all, but I know it's just me, and when I start thinking stupid thoughts, I tend to just tell myself to get out from it now, and I wont get hurt, but I know I can't do that anymore, otherwise I will never know! So, anyways if this makes sense to anyone, feel free to drop a line! Thanx!

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Hey, you're legal and obviously very happy with this man. That's great! Age is more of a state of mind in my opinion - if he was really boring and not really on the same level as you/ wanted different things, then there might be problems.


I can guarantee you that he is proud to have a sexy 21 year old girlfriend. How many 38 year old single men can say that? As long as you both enjoy each others' company, just go with it. The only thing I can see problems with in the future is that you might actually want other things out of life before settling down, whereas he is at a point of his life where he probably wants to.


Everyone is afraid of getting hurt in a relationship, it is natural. Take it one day at a time and enjoy what you have.

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I think OceanEyes' response is pretty spot on! I'm sure he light-hearted jokes to his friends how he's got a sexy 21 year old gf. What matters is whether or not you two are comfortable with each other. There could be problems as far as "long-term" relationships because he's settling down whereas you are still likely trying to make it in life. Additionally there is the fact that he is aging quicker and his sex drive could become incompatable with yours....


But ultimately if he makes you happy, and you are happy together, why not just take it as it comes? What's wrong with having the attitude, "this is interesting, let's see where this goes"??

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