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he he being truthful?

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i broke up with my bf of three years ago, i met a new guy in the process. we get along fantastic i feel like i have known him forever, we are perfect for eachother. well he cheated on his gf of six years with me, the broke up with her. now were dating, they still talk everyweek, this bugs me. we talk all te time about everything we tell each other everything. but i found a text message on his phone to his ex saying i miss having sex with you. i confronted him he feels so bad and has been trying to make it up to me eversince. i told him i would not put up with thi becasue my ex used to do it all the time. we talked about whether he should be alone beasue hes not over his ex. he says he has been over her for a while, and want to be with me and only me he loves bein with me hes never been happier. now i dont trust him and its hard he also said he absolutely loves having sex with me and that it has never felt like this before..... the thing that bugs is that he does not have a reason s to why he wrote what he did. i believe there is a reason for everything but he desoent have one. i really dont think hes over her but he swears on everything he is, hes so genuine. what should i do?

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Ok. You saw the text message yourself - there it was in plain view. The evidence that he is not trustworthy is staring you right in the face! Are you really going to let this guy talk you into believing nothing is going on??


Come on, if you do that, he's going to get away with it, and continue to be a player, and continue to mess with girls' heads. For females everywhere, dump this guy so he learns there are consequences to trying to play people!

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^ or maybe they did something last week and hes missing it? Dont jump to conclusions now.



Question is why would your boyfriend send her something like that? I think in the back of his head, maybe hes hoping that shed say something like "Me too", and if she did reply him in this manner, what do you personally think his response will be?


A) he thinks to himself "Wow I musta been good then"




B) he goes through the possibility of him having a fling with her.



I think B has a greater chance here.

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