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The dreaded "I am busy."


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A couple weeks ago I met someone at a "professional" event, not my typical type. He was cute. We flirted a bit. He wasn't local but was hoping to move to my are very soon (he was in town for some job interviews). We exchanged business cards. I told him to let me know if he wants neighborhood advice.


A week or so later, he sends me an excited text "guess what, I got the job, where should I live?" We exchange a couple of texts, with me giving him some neighborhood advice etc.


Today (which is like 2 weeks later), I sent him a text "hey, how's your move?" He texts back almost immediately "super busy, can't wait to tell you all about it. I'll call you soon!" I texted back "give me a call, we should meet up for happy hour or something." He replies "totally, this week is so busy.."


And of course....the logical next step. Silence. I tossed him the ball, so it is in his court now!


Oh well, I know he just moved accross country and started a new job. I guess that is a good reason to be busy.

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I agree. I wouldn't count him out just yet... packing up, moving accross country, starting a new job, finding a place to live, unpacking, etc. - that really is busy. He might call.


Don't get your hopes up too high - but I wouldn't assume you've been rejected, either. I think he's genuinely busy... but the ball is definitely in his court...

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If i just landed in a new town, was unpacking and working I would be super busy too. I would let him be for awhile - you have only know him 3 weeks? He is not your boyfriend. I would not contact him again for awhile and when he settles in and is ready to socialize, he most likely will contact you. Don't write him off yet. But don't wait for him either.

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