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Past loves returning... a new chance??

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Okay, well I promised myself I wouldn't get on this site for a while, but as you guessed, it didnt work. Anyway, let me explain my situation and see what people think.


Well, I got out of a relationship about 3 months ago, and been doing all the stuff to heal, move on, etc.


Anyway, thats not why I'm posting. The real reason is I just got an e-mail from a girl I havent seen since high school (two years or so ago). I was interested in her when I was at school, and back then we were really close to dating, but something happened (maybe dating my ex? I can't remember), we lost touch, and that never got off the ground.


So she dated someone else during high school as I did after my unsuccessful attempt to be with her. From what I know she was dating him after high school, but I dont know now.


Basically she was all excited in her e-mail, saying things like "where have you been all my life?" and such. Now I'm not really one to read into this, as I do this to females all the time (in a playful manner).


But, the real kicker was the fact that she asked me 1) if I was still dating the ex and 2) that I need to come visit her at the earliest possible time (she said next weekend, if Im right about that being halloween).


So, I am kind of excited, not necessarily because I used to like this girl, but its nice to rekinde old friendship.


So, what does everyone think? Am I reading into it too much, blowing it out of proportion? Should I go see her, and more importantly as a friend, or bring my "a-game" as they say? And does her excitement mean anything potentially relating to dating? I mean, I think I might like the girl still, if she's the same as she was, and it would be nice to date someone that I previously couldn't. So, hopefully I hear some good news, and thanks in advance for any light you might be able to shine.

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Go for it. She likes you. Trust me. Girls will not lay their hearts on the line like that. It takes a lot of nerves to do this. You guys probably shared a 'strong' bond that kept her thinking about you all throughout these years. If anything, get out there and enjoy the experience. You guys sound like to puppies falling in love all over again! Good luck to your romance, and keep us posted. O Mahlina

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Thank you Mahlina and ang3l, it is nice to hear that (it gives me hope at something new in my life).


Also, I talked to her online today about coming up to see her, and she was disappointed (as I am) that I cannot come up there at least until after Thanksgiving. It bums me out, because I'd really like it if I didnt have other things to do and could just see her.


But anyway, I asked her to come see me instead, and she told me "I dont have anywhere to stay, and I can't stay with you, that would get me in trouble."


What does she mean by "trouble," because it can be taken in many different ways? Does she still have a b/f who wouldn't like it, or is it something else?


I'm not too worried, just seeing if anyone knows what she could mean. Well, until next time, be well all.

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