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worried about unprotected sex

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Hey again. So yeah, ive had a really crappy weekend, i got completely wasted on saturday night (before people say im too young thats not the issue, my parents let me drink, i dont do it much and usually im ok) but anyway, i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time (with him).


We were both drunk and we didnt use any protection but from what i can remember it was alright and he took it out before he came. I spoke to him about it the next day because i was worried and he said he thinks it was ok too, but im still really paranoid about it now. Plus im angry at myself for my first time with him being so stupid.


Do you think i should get a morning after pill? and what are the stats for like, how likely you are to become pregnant at different stages in youre menstrual cycle?


Please dont just reply telling me not to be stupid or say that im too young to have sex, i am really careful when it comes to guys but i just messed up this one time. But any other advice would be great, thanku. x

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Yes, get the morning after pill, actually if you haven't done it by now it may be too late. And I'm sorry, but yes - drinking is an issue here. If you can't self-monitor yourself enough to keep from getting wasted to the point that you have unprotected sex, you are not responsible enough yet to handle alcohol.

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Like the others have said, it might be too late to take the morning after pill, since you can only take it 72 hours after. Its not yet 72 hours, depending on when exactly you did this, so you could still be ok to take it. I would call a doctor right away and see what they recommend for you.

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Chance of pregnancy with the pull out method isn't much lower than him ejaculating in you. It's really not a method of birth control at all, so be careful next time. =/


Let's just hope it's not your week of the month where you can get pregnant.

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Somehow I doubt that. The "pull out" method isn't very good, I agree, but it's definitely no where near the rate of having the man ejaculate inside the vagina instead. The chances are still there due to pre-cum and also due to people "trying" to pull out but not making it entirely. I can't find the numbers right now, but I would bet money that ejaculating inside the woman instead of pulling out is far worse and far more likely to cause pregnancy.

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The higher numbers are usually due to human error or contraceptive failure... ie breaking condoms or not taking the pill every day at the same time... stuff like that. Notice that the pull-out method is 4% when done correctly compared to 3% for a latex condom. Also notice that it is 85% when the man cums inside you and no protection is used.

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