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Broke up about 3 months ago. She strung me along for months while finding somebody else. We have been in NC for over 6 weeks. I had tried calling but had no response. I do not want her back.


The last month has been great for healing. I am really moving on and feeling it strongly.


My ex left her cable box after moving out. I was not going to break NC to deal with this, so it went into the garbage since I had no use for it.


Then I get an e-mail! She has a bill for $70 because the box is missing. She asks if I have it and wants me to send it to her if so.


Honestly, this feels like a slap in the face. Something of that value is NO REASON to break NC with somebody. Just pay the freak'in bill. There is no sentimental value. And then ask me to do a favor?


Either she just doesn't care about anything and only wants the money or she is trying to get a response out of me and this is the excuse.


I don't think that I could respond even to say that I don't have it anymore. Honestly it feels too offensive after what happened and the period of NC.


Do I seem off base here?

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No, I don't think you are off base at all. You could either not respond at all, because the cable box was her responsibility, or write her a note saying that you disposed of all of her possessions that she left behind, and leave it at that. But either way, she might start dogging you over this. Don't let her.

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