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I can't believe i called my ex of a month...and completely by mistake. i dialed his number instead of my moms..the phone rang and then i looked at the phone and saw CALLING omg! i hung up, but he has caller id and can totally see on his cell phone who called. he dumped me and i'm so embarrassed. i shut my cell phone off right away. i can't believe i did this. i established the NC rule with him when we broke up. i said that i won't be able to talk to him for now b/c i have to move on and get over him. i hope he doesn't think that i'm trying to make him think of me or something...grrrr...i guess i just really needed to vent...ahhh

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Yea, I feel you. I am deathly afraid of doing that with my ex's #, but since I know it already by heart I should probably just delete it anyway. If you want to avoid this, just delete his number, write it down if you think you won't remember it, and then continue NC.

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when he broke up with me i deleted and got rid of everything that was related to him, that he gave me...everything...except for his cell number on my phone. i guess i figured that if one day he called me, i'd know who was calling. since i posted last, he actually did return my call, but he im'ed me instead...to say that he saw that i callled and to see how i'm doing. we actually talked for 15 minutes online, and its funny, cause i feel a lot better now. i have been debating for the last few weeks whether to get in touch with him (on-line) or not. i wasn't sure of my motives. i felt strongly though that the weight of rejection would be lifted from my shouldars if he talked to me, even though i initiated the NC. and it actually did. i don't want to get back together with him, i know he's not the right one for me, but i still care for him of course and i know he cares for me. my story is long, but i've posted it before under this forum. i guess you could click to see the posts i've done (which have only been a few) . if you do decide to read it, let me know what you think, i'm always always open for some input. he broke up with me i think the best way that someone could..said nothing bad about me and said to never change who i am..stuff like that. so i guess talking to him lifted the main thing i've been dealing with- rejection. so in this case a little talking helped, although i'm not planning on us talking for a looong while.

peace and love,


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