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My Motivational Health and Fitness Journal


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I have been struggling with my weight for almost a year now, I've gained 10 kgs and I'm determined now to do something about it.


I've recently signed up at the gym, I've gotten weighed and I know what I need to do to get my life back on track.


I've decided to make this journal public only so I can hold myself accountable for any bad habits that may resurface and I just can't do it alone to be honest.


I think I actually suffer from Binge eating disorder but no one believes me, I can eat a whole box of chocolates in one go and it wouldnt even end there, I start to feel like I need that FULL feeling or until I feel sick. I want to start destressing and taking better care of my mind and body.


Today is day 1.


So far I've eaten:


Breakfast - 1 bowl of cornflakes w/ skim milk, 1 prune


Lunch - 1 piece of wholemeal bread w/ half a banana


Snack - 4 almonds, 1/2 an orange


Dinner - 1 piece of grilled fish, 1/2 potato, brocolli, 4 small roma tomatos


Exercise> 20 min brisk walk, 40 mins of resistance training at gym, 30 min exercise dvd.


So far I'm not very hungry and I'm feeling quite happy and energetic. I always start to panic at dessert time, ill see how i go though.

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so far so good!


i went to the gym for only 20 mins this morning but i walked to there which took me about 35 mins. I then did my exercise dvd.


my diet is going well, i almost caved though and had a chocolate but instead had a piece of fruit.


Its hard but im determined to stay on track. I will get weighed on friday to see if anything has changed/

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Today is day 5 and I'm doing great! I'm quite surprised by my motivation so far. I walked to the gym today which took me 40 mins, then I did my very first Zumba class...LOVED IT! I'm really going to try and go to more classes.

My diet is also going well, I think my stomach has shrunk a bit because I find I'm not as hungry anymore, it sounds corny but I'm actually more hungry for exercise now and getting a firmer body. I do realise it's only 5 days and I hope I can keep this up...as someone who is an emotional eater, it can be really hard not to grab that twix bar or as I do...a whole box of chocolates in one sitting...I just don't want to go back there. It's the vicious cycle where I feel like I'm lacking something, it could be after a stressful day, so I try to eat as much as I can to fill that void. Inevitable I end up feeling more depressed, guilty about it and I'm fatter.


I've just joined this new website called Clickfit and it's fabulous! There I can keep track of every food I put in my mouth and it tells me how many calories I can take in. My first weigh-in will be on Tuesday so I just hope that I've shifted even a couple of kgs.

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