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Here Yesterday, Gone Today


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I just got the devastating news that my best friend's dad just passed away yesterday. I'm in complete shock. This man pretty much was my father ever since I left home to go to college in the US. My parents were unable to come to my graduation, but he did. I am very close to this family so it's hitting me very hard at the moment.


I actually traveled to visit my best friend and the whole family last week and her mother was just casually talking about tight finances and how his business was causing him great stress. No one ever imagined this would happen...so suddenly....on valentine's day.


The most heart-wrenching part was talking to my friend over the phone and hearing the pain in her voice. I broke down. They don't even have enough money to fly everyone back home (where he passed) right now so just her mom and sister are going.


I can't deny that the scariest part of this how much their lives are going to change... He was the sole bread winner.


I'm so heart-broken, scared and confused. HOW could he be gone just like that....

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I know the feeling, but any of us could go at anytime, that's just how life is. Last April 22, my bf and I were talking about our plans for the Easter weekend. An hour later he was in the hospital on life support. He died the next day. Life ends pretty quickly most of the time, so we had better learn to live with that knowledge. Your friend's family will have it tough, but they will survive. I have had to reinvent myself to some degree to get by, but I have. It's tough but it's part of life and we have to accept it.

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*hugs* I am SO sorry for ALL of your loss. I know the feeling though. Thats exactly how it was with my dad. One day I saw him and the very next day, he was gone... He wasn't even sick, he just was in a car accident, on his birthday no less.. It was especially crazy because just that previous day or a few days before, I hear kids in my class talking about how this girl lost her dad and was never the same. I could only imagine, I thought. And then I saw my dad that afternoon outside and didn't go say hi, I regretted it, because the next time I saw him, he was gone Life and death is a wondering, slightly terrifying thing. My thought and love is with all of you. I know how hard this type of loss is and I can only say I am so so sorry you are all going through this, especially your friend for losing her father. I completely understand. Just hug each other tight and know how much he loves you all.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I've spent about 2 days here and it's been alright so far. She does cry a lot when her dad's friends and family stop by and start to express their sympathy. She and her other siblings are traveling to join their mom and sister later this week and it's going to get pretty real (seeing where he died and his body).Then the funeral will take place. My heart aches...

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