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Yesterday I break down and cried my eyes out, I was missing my ex, miss hearing his voice and miss his touch. I could not take it anymore and I made contact, I did not think I would hurt anymore than what I was already feeling. I told him he did me wrong and he ask how is that so? I told him he lead me on into thinking we were getting back together and he said that’s not true. He knows that me sleeping with him means more than sex for me. We talked about what went wrong in the relationship and he said if we should get back together it would not be the same because the damage has already been done.


I asked him about his new relationship and he said it’s going good. I asked if he still love me and he said he still cares a lot about me, and he think about me sometimes, there I have it he does not love me anymore. I ask him if he’s in love with this girl and he said he has only been dating her for about a month now and I know it took some time before he told me he love me. While talking to him I had to take deep breath because it felt as if I was about to have an anxiety attack. He said he text me a few times to see how I was doing but I never received the text. I told him I am still dealing with the breakup and he said he thought I was doing ok and had moved on. He ask what he can do to make me feel better and I told him he know just what I want.


I am not sorry I made contact with him, it give me a little more closure than I had before. I had a hard time sleeping last night and this morning I feel down. Now that I know he does not have that love in his heart for me anymore how do I believe that in my heart, mind, and soul? how do I let go and move on, why am I still stuck on him after he told me he has moved on?


Your opinion is needed.

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