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I can't do it!!!


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Well guys...if you read my other thread you'll see i was going to break NC, 6 weeks tomorrow....i've battled with it for over a week now...i had it in my head i was going to do it tonight!! my daughter has his mobile number on her phone, she text me it...when i see it i was nearly sick and i started shaking


So there is was, his number....i even knew what i was going to say, thought about it all day, got prepared for it!!!


I couldn't do it!!...i just couldn't do it...my body went totally numb and it just wouldn't let me.



All the pain i've been throught the last week n now when i can finally give in to the urge i couldn't even do it anyway!!


i can't believe it.....i've just deleted it off my phone


loulou x

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