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  1. Not nice... But are deer as endangered are whales? Try again.
  2. Apart from the shocking animal welfare ... Whale meat?
  3. Glad to hear things are going so well with Latrice, ND. I'm curious about what will now happen with Dakota?
  4. Most of us here didn't expect it to be honest ... quite a lot of (dumb) people are now saying they voted 'leave' without realising their vote counted....
  5. ND has never mentioned getting another woman pregnant, and at 45 (?) I'm sure he's clued up enough to have asked his previous/ current sexual partners if they take BC. The STD risk is something else, and not to be messed around with, but it sounds like he's pretty on top of everything as much the average sexually active person would be. Regarding Latrice, she does sound a little highly strung, and may well be unsure of her feelings at this early stage, which can be blurred by the sexual connection between her and ND. Her reaction to ND hanging with Dakota is pretty 'normal' for a lot of women who feel vulnerable at this early stage, despite what she said previously about bring 'cool' with it. I'd suggest a few more 'outdoor' daytime dates to gage her interest though.
  6. Hi Shiner, If you start your own thread in the journals section, you can document your progress and we can help you along if you want profile critiques, opinions etc. Are you a single father? Good luck on your dating journey!
  7. You may mock what others are saying ND, but you can't deny it's all true! Keep us updated though, despite your uber pickiness and quest for perfection, I think everyone here is rooting for you to find Kate II
  8. ND, what are your reasons for not dating Dakota romantically / exclusively again?
  9. My boyfriend was a big social drinker when we first started dating. It did put me off at first, as I don't drink. However, his personality was great, we got on, lots of things outweighed the drinking. Now we've struck a balance and as he's in a relationship with me he doesn't feel the need to drink every night with friends, it's more like a once a week occurance. Maybe Thalia needs to enter a relationship to tame her social butterfly martini drinking sessions!
  10. Okay - The 'mental breakdown' quote should be taken with a pinch of salt hence the exclamation mark at the end, an exaggeration if you like. However, if I put myself in Dakota's shoes - spending a LOT of quality time with a guy I'd dated, doing 'dating' activities over a long period of time, referring to herself and ND as individuals who are hard to find others to be compatible with, criticising the aesthetics of girls he has dated, sending him photos of Victoria's Secret thongs.... And then he starts dating an (ex?)model... I'd probably react in a pretty volatile way if I knew things were getting serious and I was being 'phased out' as the makeshift girlfriend (in her eyes). Just remember - and you agreed yourself, this woman 10000% wants a relationship with you. If her and Thalia become best buddies I'd be very very wary!
  11. 'Loose Cannon' is a perfect term to describe Dakota! I too believe she thinks you guys are practically dating - without the kissing/intimacy. That's why I asked about the status of your relationship and if you guys had discussed it. I do feel for her, as she obviously wants to date you romantically. It will be interesting to see if things last with Thalia as I believe Dakota could potential ruin that or have a mental breakdown !
  12. Dakota is bizarre, but I do feel sorry for her. She is obviously very bitter and jealous that you date other women, but then if you are spending so much time with her she is bound to be - she 100% wants a relationship with you. I don't doubt that for a second, no matter how oddly she shows it. The thongs pictures are what you would send a boyfriend for his opinion , not a platonic male friend. She is really grasping at straws now you are dating Thalia. Have you had an open conversation with her about the 'status' of your relationship/friendship??
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