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Should children always come first than a husband/wife


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My father at times doesn't seem to value my mother and puts her in last place. I understand a love for a child is strong but come on, your spouse plays a role too. It doesn't seem like he loves her but only treats her as a teammate/companion.


An example not so long ago on the news:

A young woman my age kills her own mother to get all the money & properties. The woman's father has cut all communications with her, disowned her and wants her to face the consequences. The woman is facing long prison time.


Anyways I heard my parents talking about that topic. When my mother ask ''What if our own daughter kill me, you would then still defend her'' and he replied with an ''Yes, off course I will it's you I would hate, not her''.


Poor mother... I would feel awful if a husband told me that. I would feel like he doesn't value me as a woman, as if I were nothing to him. And if I were married with a wonderful husband and my child kill him for no good reason.. I won't hate her/him but would want them punished and definitely would go NC on them and lastly disown him/her.

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I don't think it is a competition. It is different, a different love and different needs.
I know it's different but the way he says and the fact that he throws sarcastic jokes (and if she doesn't like it then it doesn't matter to him) at my mother makes me think he doesn't even loves her as a husband should.

He treats like similar to how he would treat a friend or one of his buddies.

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Spouse is always First, children Second, with the understanding between either parent that the children will always be First...but First, together.


There's a reason I won't date single mothers. Most of them have locked into My kid comes first, the rest of the world be damned. Which means in their household, it's really really easy to have second class status.

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A husband must treat their spouse with respect and love.if u don't like how your dad talks to your mother then talk to him about it.Children are important but it's also important for how husband and wife love each other.& Children sees that
If I do, he'll just laugh, ignored this and change the topic.
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