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Im a fool for him, He knows it! Am I being played?

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Iv been single for a year now and havent been looking for anything since my ex broke up with me. we couldnt talk for a very long time because all we would do is argue and mean things would be said. We did TRY the whole friend thing but it didnt work.

I was with my ex for 2 and a half years and it ended because we argued way too much and it pretty much drained us both, he started going out and making me stay home and I was pretty much so isolated that I became depressed and a very angry person. we talked on and off, arguing mostly. We saw eachother a few times a few months ago before I moved away but he went back to ignoring me...


I was pretty much getting used to the idea of him hating me and never wanting to have anything to do with me again. till 3 weeks ago. I thought he was just being annoying because he actually texted and asked me if I had any friends that were keen to hook up with him (pissed me off that he would even ask). I was waiting for him to start ignoring me again like he usually did but he talked to me all day, even texted me while he was at work then called me when he got home and we talked for hours, fell asleep on the phone like we used to do when we met. we talked about everything, how he wants to experiment before he settles down (I was his one and only up until a few months ago). how my anger and craziness made him not want to talk to me. all the things we both did that wrecked what we had (we had a good laugh at them too) now he reckons Im the one he wants to settle down with and marry when he's done experimenting. Im not actually mad or even jealous about the other girls he's hooked up with just because I had my years of experimenting and im still not done yet.


Iv been getting a lot of attention since I moved down here, he knows I live right next to a army base and that the guys down here are hot (muscles, basically just really hot) he's the complete opposite but I didnt fall for him because of his looks or whatever. he knows that I can score a guy with ease too so Iv been thinking maybe he's playing with me, because he knows I still have feelings for him and doesnt want me to forget about him?? apparently he's gonna get a tattoo just for me, and he was going to fly down and see me for a weekend because he apparently misses me. when I questioned what he was up to and if he was just using me for sex he said we didnt have to have sex, just hang out like we used to. but me and him both know thats not possible, its impossible to keep our hands off eachother. we've tried.


i used to think my ex was a douche too but he looks like a saint when I think about how others have been. funny thing is that my douche of a ex is the one who's been keeping me smiling throughout my whole little dilemma with the guys I have tried seeing. even though he doesnt like hearing about other guys being with me he does what he can to try cheer me up even if its some lame jokes, lol


HOWEVER, the past few days I dont really hear from him. He did text me to say he was sorry (his birthdays today and I know how busy he is) but he texted me this morning and said he didnt know if seeing eachother was a good idea, and Im not saying it is as I have told him its a risk because I still love him but he said that didnt matter. Iv been a little doubtful the past few weeks too, wondering WHY he's even talking to me again and he's wondering why Im talking to him after everything that happened... Is he bored now and not interested or could it be confusion? like what im going through

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>>asked me if I had any friends that were keen to hook up with him (pissed me off that he would even ask).


So now he wants you to be his pimp?


Really, don't put up with this for one minute. His 'experimenting' is basically screwing around which can give you a host of diseases and treats you with the utmost disrespect. He says he wants to 'settle down' with you, but honestly, that is just nonsense to keep you in the background for when he feels like hooking up with you while he also sleeps with who knows whom. If you are someone he wants to settle down with, then he should treat you with respect and not expect you to procure other girls for him!


And remember, people show you what is important to them by what they DO not just what they say... So anything he tells you could be a lie and think how stupid you would feel waiting around for years for a guy who just lied to you so that you'd be sexually receptive to him whenever he's in the mood, but otherwise he runs free and disrespects you. Look at his actions not his words and that is where the truth lies. He's not the least bit in love with you or he wouldn't be chasing all these other girls. As to why he's still talking to you, some guys just like having lots of women on a string for attention and sex when they're in the mood for it.


I suggest you go find a guy who thinks you are so special, he doesn't want other girls and won't risk hurting you or losing you by treating you badly. Don't waste your time acting like a faithful GF or long time wife when the guy isn't devoted to you and is chasing other women... You could wait around til the cows come home only to hear he's suddenly married to some woman he just met... and all you'll get out of him is a 'sorry...' (if you even get that).


Save your loyalty and attention for someone who deserves it and is equally loyal to you. This guy just isn't or he'd be with you rather than chasing other girls.

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