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Rebounds from dumpers dont always work**


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My ex fiance dumped me 4 months ago, starting seeing someone right away ! well it didnt last long.. 3 months, today i saw his FB shes no longer on his profile picture ! he posted a picture of him and cut her picture out ! what a blow to her ! they still are fb friends (weird???) iam glad it didnt work out, iam not expecting him to call me, iam over that already, even if he did i would never answer his calls.. just gives me the satisfaction that rebounds after 5 yrs of a seroius relationahip did not work out !

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If you are really over him aren't you just being mean taking pleasure in the relationship failing? It's okay not being over someone that you were with for five years in less then six months that is a lot of hurt and change to get over and it's not easy for anyone. But taking joy in someone else's pain isn't really a good way to move on.

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I dont think 3 month can cause PAIN?? sorry , pain is what i felt after 5yrs................iam still not even ready to date anybody. we are both mature in our 40's, and what he did to me is far worse than what i am wishing him!


I agree you are still writhing in pain but the best thing you can do now is "Forgive and Forget" (I know its easier said than done but I've been there and done that). Why? You will cancel all the control that he has on you and you'll move on quickly. Forgive him for what he has done and forget for your own sake

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...and sometimes they do*


My ex's rebound DID work out and they're are still together at almost 3 years*


I agree with the others that we should not take pleasure in others misfortunes, and boy I had to (and still have to) work through the disbelief that it happened to me...But I do also realise the satisfaction you must feel from this MG*


Take Care of Yourself OK*


Carus* 8-)


Oh and if he does start making moves towards you, be cautious because now YOU are the rebound*

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