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  1. He called this morning , all is good.. trip is confirmed and all in order. , i guess i was freaking out he would bail out, but all is good now.
  2. Its a little late to text now, i will first thing tomorrow morning. Sad this situation, as he was so excited about the trip, iam hoping iam not overreacting to the situation, anyhow i will know more tommorow.
  3. We both need to fill out individually the DOC's, i just need to know where we stand on this vacation, i need to inform my work tommorow, and he's the one whos acting weird. About the other women yes iam stressed, this all came as a surprise to me , i never doubted him in the past, and this is hurting me yes i wont lie !
  4. Exactly if he doesn't reach out by Tuesday iam done, 2 years down the drain with this man.
  5. My Last post was about the person iam dating and a women posting a nasty comments on a picture we shared on social media. We plan to go to Jamaica this coming sunday June 20th, we have had very limited communication ever since the incident, i have been the one texting and asking him if he filled out some paper work we need for travel and Covid restrictions as the website requires 7 days before travel. Last night i reminded him today we have to fill out the document., he said he would be busy today and i said ok we can fill it out in the afternoon, well he never reached out today, iam so confused and mad , this is suppose to be my birthday vacation , i was looking forward to this, and hes acting aloof ! I did a little snooping in the womens Facebook and she sold her car and belongings and is asking questions about Covid restrictions to come to the USA, so apparently she planning to come here. Please dont bash me with blame.. iam the innocent person here... i just dont know what to do next ! Please advise me.
  6. Exactly !! i actually started feeling bad for that women , to be honest astonished at her bad behavior, anyhow iam a lady and i dont throw fits of jelousy... Hes not gods gift anyway ! LOL
  7. I wasn't looking for a relationship feelings changed and circumstances , so i was open to try with him.
  8. No baby as iam beyond the age of having children, LOL but STI for sure 😂
  9. To all your questions above... YES TO ALL, like i said casual was turning to commitment as i thought, until this lady came out and spoiled everything, now it can also be a blessing she has opened my eyes, so my GUARD is up.
  10. Yes we were dating casually and things started to change for the better until this lady bashed the FB comment last weekend. reason i might go to casual again with him., i thought this trip was the beginning of us becoming exclusive , guess not !
  11. Just only 1 women - so far i hope 🤣🤣
  12. I have nothing to loose right? LOL, if she was so freaking important in his life why isent he bringing her to US?? Why isent she going on the trip?? HUMM makes sense right ?
  13. The more i feed into all this crap the more drama unfolds... iam way to old to deal with all this crap, going on a 3 day vacation will be Awkard if i continue confronting him... iam not even married or engaged to the guy so like i said , have fun, if things dont work out iam fading away !
  14. Tickets have been bought, he has a past i understand... ill keep it cool and casual no pressure on this trip.. will have time to analyze more but with caution, then when i return to Miami i will make a final decision. 1) keep it casual 2) cut him off., in the meantime focus on my happiness.
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