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should I be worried about feelings of dizzyness and the room spinning

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For about three weeks now I've had spells of dizzyness. It comes and goes and sometimes it feels like the room is spinning. Sometimes I wake up in the night and feel dizzy, like when you're drunk and the room is spinning. My head feels heavy and sometimes I feel like things are moving when they're not. Like I was looking at the grass in the garden and it looked like it was swaying up and down. Or another time I was in the car (parked) and I thought the car was rolling backwards when it wasn't. I feel kind of spaced out, like being stoned, and I feel almost like my brain is slightly out of sync with my movements. It's kinda hard to explain. I went to the doctor who said I probably have vertigo and it should go by itself in a week or two. It still comes and goes.. could it be anything else? It's not a nice sensation.

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You could also have something called Meniere's Disease - a disease of the inner ear which can make you very dizzy. You should go to an Otolaryngologist and/or an Audiologist to help diagnose your problem.


The Otolaryngologist is also called and Ear Nose and Throat specialist and they are an MD.


An Audiologist is an ear and hearing specialist and that would be my next choice of a place to go, since you have already been to your doctor.


If you do have Meniere's Disease, sometimes diet helps.


It could also be a virus that settled into your inner ear and your symptoms may go away on their own after a long time...

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