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i am in love with my female coworker...


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i love her for the very short time i've interact with her. i don't know. there's something about her that made me fall for her. i'm bisexual in the closet and i am married to a wonderful man. everything is getting complicated inside m. i never mean it this way and i sure don't wanna hurt my husband. the only thing i can do is to look at her, but i cannot touch. there were several instances that we flirted each other through talking, i don't know if she meant it or not but it happened. we're not close either and we hardly work together. atleast twice a week. however everytime we're around with each other there seems to be something. i couldn't explain what. it seems to me like she's putting the ball on my court or something. like she let me touch her arms, her waist, in an instances where i need not to do so. i am not sure if she is gay or bi or what, but why would she let me do those to her and not even show me a single prostest? whenever i need her to help me about my work, she ALWAYS lean right close to me. i could smell her breath on me. whenever we talk i couldn't help myself not to look at her lips. i don't know why though and if she notice it or not. i've never been with a woman before either. i recently try to ignore my feelings for her like as much as possible i don't talk to her whenever i don't need to (like ignoring her presence), but then she throws it back to me. she ignores me back. it also seems to irritate her whenever there's people that would try to flirt either friendly or not. i don't want those and i ignore those not because of her anyway but because i am married. i really do not know what's on her mind but i cannot help how i feels for her. nobody knows i'm bisexual. my intuition is telling me she knows i am.


i need you people's help. please no harsh remarks. thanks!

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You're not in love with her lol. I hate when people throw around the word love.

To me, it's such a heavy word. And I don't use it when it's clearly infatuation and lust.


Anyway you're married? Don't jeopardise your marriage.

Think it's time to start being honest with your husbund. If you're unhappy in the marriage and want 'excitement' get out before you hurt the guy.

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1. This isn't love. Love is what you feel after you know someone. What you're describing is a strong attraction.


2. If you want to find out if she shares your attraction, then you'll either need to make a clearer move - like try to kiss her or find out if she's gay/bi.


3. You say your bi but I suspect you're not.


A lot of lesbians say they're bi when they first realize they have feelings for women, even thru their first relationship until they get to a point when they realize they're not going back and can reconcile being with men to that point.


But if you were really bi, your husband would be enough and you wouldn't be emotionally cheating on him, which is what you're doing - cheating! It's not fair on him for you to work out your sexuality on his time.

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