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Opinons needed on his direction


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A guy who I like and have been hanging around a bit told me (by text) that he was turned on last night.


I said to him that he should have called me. (I was just being flirty, although I meant it) And he told me that I meant more to him than a "booty call", and asked me if that was a bad thing. We have fooled around with each other before. I like him, and told him, but I am recently out of a long relationship, maybe that is scaring him a bit.



Does this mean that he just wants to be friends?

I asked him flat out and he hasn't got back to me. (we are adults not teens)

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Sounds like he wants serious relationship or stay as friends. He doesn't feel right just having sex with you without commitment.


Yah, you are right there. Thank you everyone for your replies. Its funny that I cant figure this out myself. I guess I will have to wait for his reply. Im on eggshells because he hasnt got back to me yet. He is at work, so he is not ignoring me.

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