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Bf didn't pull out right away, semen came out around the top of condom


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So first off, I'm not on birth control because of serious health side effects. My bf and I had sex tonight and as he came he was thrusting throughout and whatnot and I think the come came out around the sides of the top of the condom. Some got onto his boxers (they were just pulled down and we were standing up) and we also noticed some around the outside of the vagine. I'm worried some got inside my vagina.



I really, really don't want to take plan b because I know it has some serious side effects and is generally terrible in terms of messing up your hormones and whatnot but I'm not sure how likely it is that I will get pregnant. I don't know what to do...

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I can't imagine the temporary side effects of plan B would be worse than having the permanent responsibility of a child when you are not ready to raise one. Please do yourself a favour and get the morning after pill. Condoms are not so safe as contraceptives, 95% against 99% of the pill or IUD. I'd reconsider a IUD for the future. These have far less side effects than the pill, at least in my experience.

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