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My Doctors Are Useless :'( HELP!

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I'm sorry if this is a bit graphic, but I really need help!


I'm in a long-distance relationship, and I met up with my boyfriend in June for the first time since January.


Before that I had a gyno appointment in May, during which I had a pap smear and STD testing, both of which came back as normal.


We had sex quite a few times on the first night he came to visit, and I ended up getting an infection which still remains undiagnosed. I called my doctor, and since we were not in my home town she gave me a prescription I could pick up at a drug store near our hotel for a UTI. I took the medicine twice a day for a week, and the infection slowly got better, but didn't completely heal.


After a week had passed, we moved on to a different city (we were doing a road-trip), and I suddenly got a very high fever of about 102 F, felt achey, tired and nauseous. We rushed to an emergency clinic which took my blood to make sure I had an infection, gave me an injection to fight the infection, and 2 different oral antibiotics to take for twice a day for two weeks simultaneously (doxycycline being one of them). They also did a pap smear, and STD tests, both of which came back clean.


After this, I developed genital sores and extreme pain on contact, as well as pain while urinating for about a week, but with the medicine all my symptoms dissipated.


About a month later I experience an inexplicable urge to urinate frequently, with nothing to urinate, which went on for about 2 or 3 weeks. As we were still on the road, all I could do was drink large amounts of water and hope that it would get better. When I got home, I went to see my doctor who took a urine sample, but when she got back to me she said it looked normal.


That was in August, and the urge to "go" had since subsided, but has now come back.


What do I do? I'm scared that this will just keep recurring for the rest of my life, all these doctors have been kind of useless, and I feel like none of them have figured out what's really wrong. I'm going to Paris in December and I don't want this to be a problem that is going to ruin yet another trip Any suggestions?

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The second time I went, they did fully examine me. And I don't think it's herpes because they did an STD screening at that point too. I'm just wondering what options I have now, because I feel like an idiot going back to the same doctor I went to the third time, just for her to tell me I'm not sick when I know there's something wrong.

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Here's a sad story for you. One spring when I dropped around 30 pounds after a lot of weight gain over the winter months I started having severe cramps in my abdomen. Felt like I had an ulcer or bad acid reflux. I ended up going to the hospital three times, the doctors twice and a Gastroenterologist for him to stick a tube down into my stomach to check my stomach. All of them said I was perfectly healthy. I kept getting pains every night...like my head with in the toilet throwing up kind of pains for weeks (even though I was "perfectly healthy") and had to go back to the hospital just so I could get pain medication because I was nearly passing out.


This fourth time I went to the hospital they finally did a sonogram on my abdomen and found out that I had gall stones blocking the passage from my gall bladder to my liver. It's rare in males so they discounted it as a possible cause.


4 Hospital Trips

2 Doctors

1 Gastroenterologist


2 More doctors visits

1 Surgery Later


1 Less gall bladder.



Go back and see the doctor.

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I went to the doctor in spring last year - I had strange things going on with my nerves. So he ordered a blood test, which is the first thing they do. Nothing. so I gave it a couple of weeks like he said to. Went back to the docs. He ordered a more extensive blood test - nothing. He told me to come back in a few weeks if it was still happening.


So I got an appt with a different doc who immediately sent me for an MRI and appt with a consultant. And I have a cervical myelitis. Which is real and which obviously won't turn up on a blood test because it's in my spinal column.


Try to see a different doc.

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About a month later I experience an inexplicable urge to urinate frequently, with nothing to urinate, which went on for about 2 or 3 weeks.


That was in August, and the urge to "go" had since subsided, but has now come back.



This part sounds like a bladder infection that has returned. The genital sores you had were cleared up, but what did the doctor say was the cause of them? It sounds like you had possibly had 2 medical conditions that 1 was cleared up (genital sores) and the other was not totally cleared up (the bladder infection). Suggest that you return to the doctor now for problem you are experiencing now. I would explain everything that you did here to the doctor....

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