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So, let's condense this:


Girl comes into my work one day, pretty cute. Flirt with her, make her laugh, she leaves. As luck would have it, she goes to school with a co-worker of mine, who gives her my Facebook info. We start talking, then texting. This goes on for a few days, with her texting me just about right when she wakes up each morning and until she goes to sleep at night. Talking about relationships (and my lack thereof) and whatnot, exchange (clothed) pictures, she tells aforementioned co-worker that she's interested, yadda yadda.


Well come Friday, she and I meet up at the lake and sit in her car and talk for a while. Good conversation, joking around, no lulls, overall good. After that, she says "Well I'm working tonight, so I probably won't be able to text you, but I'm sure I'll talk to you tomorrow." I text her Saturday at work, no reply. Not wanting to seem desperate, I wait until Monday morning and send something else, to which she replies "Hay I'm in class, I'll text ya after" - which she of course does not, nor does she reply to the message I sent her later in the day while I was at the gym.



This is more of a vent thread than anything - obviously I screwed something up to cause her to lose interest in me when we met in person, and I realize that. But to just flip a switch and cut contact all together is nothing short of annoying.

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