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Feels like I been hit by a truck..


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My story I been dumped by my ex we went for 10 months, we hungout every single day. She said the reason for the break up was that I changed and we fought to much in the end. We really cared about each other and hungout and talked everyday


she kept changing her mind and saying she wanted to work then said it can't etc. She then got with another guy but didn't tell me and a week later said she still loves me and it could work then we got in a fight cause I knew her and this guy were doing something and didn't tell me. Then I called her days later and she said she doesn't love me anymore and there's no point in being friends, and she might date this new guy who is in jail now. and it's been 10 days NC what's going through her mind? Will she regret what she said? Her feelings keep changing. Should I leave her be and keep NC? Does the dumper go through different phases because she was willing to work it out again then we got into a fight, but she talked to be every 4 days before i started NC. She was hesitated when i asked if she loved me and said no and also when she said she wanted me out of her life. I Called her a heartless * * * * * when she said this and she said i was pathetic


So i gaver her what she wanted and deleted of facebook and its been 10 days NC. What are the thoughts of you Dumpers out there thank you if you reply.










Its been 2 weeks of NC and at first i was feeling better but the past two days i just broke down and cried for about an hour. I guess the lost finally hit me and I hate feeling like this and how the person you thought closest to you could hurt you like this. I Never thought it hit me like this, I guess because I just lost all hope for this relationship after trying to fix it for 2 weeks and finding out she has been getting with another guy and didnt tell more for 2 weeks. She was always angry with me when she would call and the last time we talked she said theres no point in being friends and that its a waste and she found someone new.


I guess it just hit me because i know for myself that i have to move on and it really kills me that it ended like this. Its my first love my First girlfriend my frist everything and its just killing me inside that i have to let go. I feel like the mourning only started for me and i'm afraid. I wanted to contact her really bad yesterday and this morning but i knew i would just hurt myself even more if I did so i kept strong. It just kills me that you can just kick someone out of your life after 10 months and tell them you dont love them anymore when they said it a week ago. I really hope it will get better, besides i blame myself i always check her facebook even though i deleted her and her twitter i know i have to stop but its so hard for me to not look i guess i just haven't let go yet its a horrible feeling i really loved and cared for her much but i realized we prably took eachother for granted because we saw eachother everyday and now its been 2weeks NC and i'm remembering all the good times and all the things i have done that hurt her like argueing and fighting. Its just killing me because i want to let her know that I"m sorry for everything and the last time we talked we said nasty things to each-other.

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First loves are always very difficult to move on from. But she treated you wrong, she was seeing this other guy, she lied to you. You are still in the early stages of NC so it will still be very raw and difficult but it gets easier with time. You may not believe this but it is true, take every day as it comes and try to enjoy life. If you ever feel like you are going to get upset about her then stop for a second and just think 'You know what, she treated me like rubbish and i don't deserve that, i will find someone who will treat me 100 times better and we will be very happy together'.


You might think this is a weird idea, but it will keep your mind in a positive place and you will find it easier to move on.

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