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would this make you upset? (workplace issue)


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This morning, there were a few temp workers who were sitting around doing nothing. Well, their supervisor wasn't in yet - he was late, so I had to assign these temps work. As I had just finished writing up their work-orders, the supervisor walked in about 45 minutes late, but I had already updated the system and assigned the temp workers their jobs.


Anyway, I sent the supervisor an email telling him that I had already assigned work to the temps. The thing is that since we talk a lot on the outside and hes' basically my equal at work (but we have different titles), my email contained one "LOL". So what does he do? Instead of just copying and pasting the assignments, he basically forwards the entire email with my personal greetings to him, making me look unprofessional.


Well, I guess moral of the lesson is to be careful what you write in the work-environment. But other than this, would this upset you? There are about 20 other people in the department viewing that email.

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I can see why you would be upset.


I guess it really comes down to the culture of the company you work in. In the company I work in, it would be seen as mildly unprofessional but not really a big deal. I can see why you would be irked, though.


I'd simply do two things:

1) Swing by his desk and make a joke about it. Kind of let him know that you didn't appreciate him doing that to you and that you were a bit embarrassed.

2) Change your approach. Like you said - it's a good lesson. Never mix business messages with personal messages.


At the end of the day, the temps are people too. As are you. Personally, when I see that kind of stuff from a superior, it makes me secretly like them a little more. So... as long as the comments weren't overly personal, I wouldn't worry about it. Just change your ways.


You'll survive.

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