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Think she likes me but not sure


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Hello to anyone that reads this and thank you for at least looking. Let me apologize in advance Im not sure if this is the correct area for this but anyway here goes.


There is this girl a year younger then me I was introduced to by a friend of mine at prom she was there with another guy as friends, me and her talked a lot during that actually and danced a bit to. well i never really saw her after that until my friends graduation party we saw each other again there and when she saw me she gave me hugfor no real reason besides not having seen me. After having a great time there it was another 3 weeks before i saw her again she my friend and a few others came out to swim and she seemed to always be around me a lot. That evening we watched a few horror movies and she basically clung on to me the whole time. And afterward as I they we leaving she clung onto me the whole way to her car. Know I don't if any of this means anything during this whole time she would message me every time we were both on facebook or text me just about every day and she always uses on things and calls me sugar every time.


Bascially i just kinda want others opinions does she seem to like me or am i just being hopeful if you need more info ask and ill give it this is really all i could think of right now.


Sorry if there is a lack of info

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She seems to like you. I don't know if she "like likes" you as they say, but she finds you nice, interesting, and fun to be around. If you want to know, I would initiate plans with her. If a mutual friend is having another graduation or going away party or something, ask if she is going. Say you'd love to see her again. If you are bolder, I might ask her out. I would get this out of Facebook texting and figure this out in person if you are interested in her. Its not just about if she likes you, but if you like her, too.

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