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Is it worth trying or not?


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hi everyone! I've been reading a lot these days from this forum and I want to hear your thoughts about my relationship problem..


Ok i have been dating this girl for 5 months.. we were really in love each other. she was always showing it to me and I did too. After some time we started fighting for things but nothing too serious. I started to see that she was going distant and I broke up with her.. She made some moves and I ignored her because I wanted her to try harder but then she stopped. I then started to text her, she always responded to me but when I was asking her to go out with me she was ignoring me. One day i text her that I want to talk and she told me that she doesnt want to talk with me because she will get distressed.. I told her that I really miss her, I was acting very selfish that It is her choice If she wants us back together. She said she didnt want me but wanted to keep in touch and I told her that I ok with it, that i wish things gone otherways and that I dont want to keep in touch because I m still in love with you and goodbye. She didnt answer anything and so I wend NC for 1.5 mothn now..


So.. after 1.5 month NC my friends told me that they saw her with another man, walking with their hands holding to each other like a couple. I got so sad I didnt believe she will find someone so soon.. I asked a friend of hers if she found another man, she told me that can't say much because we are both her friends. She said to me that she doesnt know if she is in a relationship but she knows that she has done something with someone. Then I told her that this must stay between us i don t want my ex to find out that I was asking about her. So the next day, I went out at night drink a few beers and when I came home i texted her I m hoping that you are doing well, and you know what you are doing.. It s been a long time since we broke up but I m still thinking about you. I dont want to be involved in your life, I just want you to be careful. Goodnight[/b] .. The next morning she texted me I was thinking of you too these days and I m really glad that you too are interested about How I am and How I'm doing even what we ve been through. I hope and wish for you are doing well.[/b] Later that day i texted her and we shared our news and later she told me: weren t you the one that didnt want to keep in touch? And I Said : I was having a difficult time then and I wanted to calm down, heal because I had strong feelings for you and you didnt. She told me then that It wasnt that she didnt had any feelings, she was having a good time single. I said I only texted you to see how you are doing and nothing more. I dont know if you are single but i doubt it[/b] I remembered my friends telling me about that other man. I gave her the impression that I knew something I told her then : I hope you know what you are doing And she started asking why I say that and things like that and I told her: it s just an advice. I didnt want our conversation to end up so serious. There is no reason for us to be fighting again. And after that we send a couple of texts telling jokes and things we used to laugh with.


Later that evening I saw a text with a kiss she sended me. Not just a kiss.. It was something that we used to do to each other when we were together i cant explain it to you.. And I saw that later I didnt noticed it. So I texted and told her: did you send me a kiss? I just saw it she said yes I did you are now reading your messages? I told her that I was out and I noticed it now. Also told her: I missed that kiss And she didnt answer to me. All of this happened yesterday.


I don't know what to think.. I dont know what she s thinking. Why whould she lie to me telling me that she is single, when I have found out that she is already seeing another man. Should I try to contact her some time and try to win her back? Or is it that she is playing with me? That I am her second choice in case things wont work out well with the other guy.


Sorry for my english.. I really try!

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