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She's taking in me circles it's starting to make me crazy paranoid


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I've been talking to a girl for a few months and we really like each other (but at this point I'm starting to think I'm the only one who likes the other). We've had our ups and downs and she's had a hard time establishing a relationship because she has a hard time trusting guys. We usually talk a lot and she calls me hubby and gets all affectionate like that. So last night she winds up texting me something hinting at her wanting me to be her boyfriend. Like I asked her about it cause it only hinted and then I was having a weird anxiety attack today over it because she never said anything back. She gets back to me saying she was busy so then I'm like Oh okay well I was just nervous cause I thought you were hinting at me asking you to be my girlfriend and you never said anything back and she's like are you asking me? then I elaborated and said that I really wanna move things forward since we seem to really like each other. I don't know why there's so much inconsistency, she still hasn't gotten back to me.

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