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Was he rude on the first date?


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And technically i didn't make out with him. He got on top of me, and i held my hand over my chest and tried to push him away....


In my opinion that was disrespectful. He certainly isn't a gentleman. I wouldn't go out with him again; dump him and find someone who knows how to respect a lady when he takes her on a first date.

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We can't go into the back of men's trucks and then say they were rude or disrespectful. It is up to us to put ourselves in the safest situation we can for that first date. Sure, something awful could still happen, but we can take precautions.


Sunny, I wouldn't go out with this guy again. It just started off all wrong. But for future, choose a restaurant or coffee shop for first date - take your own car or a cab...

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I went ahead and went on another date.


He was willing to drive 2 hours to see me again, and he wanted to go to diner this time, so I figured if he thought I was worth the drive, then he was worth my time.


He was dressed better, and apologized for looking too casual the last time, since I was dressed up. He had on a bandanna and wife beater on and flip flops with socks, the last time I saw him.


He was dressed "nicer" tonight. much more refined.


We went to a "classier" place. I suggested a buffet, but he preferred an actual asian "restaurant."


They were shutting down the place, and he asked if I wanted to get sushi somewhere else (if there was a restaurant open.) I said I was fine, then he wanted to get some ice cream! (I thought that was cute) unfortunately, all the places were closed. But, he drove around looking for these places.


Was he testing me this whole time? He opened doors for me, and pulled out seats. Much much better this time. He seemed somewhat rude the last time. idk.

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