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  1. If someone wants to see you, they will make time. Nobody is too busy to send a quick text once or twice a day, or even call for a few minutes at lunchtime or bedtime or something. The fact that he can't even spare five minutes to talk to you, never mind see you, speaks volumes. There have been times when I've worked a 16 hour day for several days on end, and I've still found time to call my boyfriend, even if just to moan about how exhausted and fed up I was. I remember one time when my boyfriend was really busy at work and couldn't see me for a few days, and he dropped in just to spend TEN MINUTES with me while he was passing on his way to yet another meeting. People who care will make time to see you and talk to you. I've even texted my boyfriend while sitting on the toilet, because it was the only time I had a spare minute... don't tell me your guy never takes a dump! This guy doesn't make time for you unless he wants sex. It sounds like when you told him there'd be no more "treats" he assumed your relationship was over... "I'm sad but I understand" is the sort of thing someone says when you tell them you don't want to see them any more. I recommend stopping the sex to see if he hangs around. Fake an illness if necessary, or simply tell him you won't continue to provide sex unless you're in a committed relationship. If he doesn't hang around, then you know that sex was all he wanted...
  2. If you feel he doesn't care for you or show you any affection, then you should break up with him. The vibrator is irrelevant really.
  3. My boyfriend loves me, but he sucks at gift giving. He once bought me trashy underwear and a sex toy for Valentines Day, but he genuinely thought he was being romantic and sexy, lol He just needed a push in the right direction regarding the type of stuff that women like to receive as gifts. The issue of your bf giving you a vibrator is entirely separate from the issue of you feeling he only wants sex. If a guy who was otherwise loving and kind gave you a vibrator, I'd just say he was bad at choosing gifts. But if you genuinely feel that a guy just wants sex, it's irrelevant what he gives you as a gift. Try to separate the two issues. The vibrator isn't the issue here - the problem is the fact that you think he only wants sex. Leaving the vibrator aside, do you genuinely feel that he's just using you for sex?
  4. My ex was a blond haired, blue eyed doctor, 6ft3ins tall with an amazing body because he played in an amateur sports league. He was also a lying cheater who dumped me because I wanted an actual relationship. My current boyfriend isn't even 6ft tall, is fifty pounds overweight with thinning hair, and has a normal office job. But he's much better than my ex, because he's kind and generous, decent, trustworthy, shares a lot of my interests, and he has never made me cry. There's no way I'd even consider trading him in for my ex, even though he isn't as handsome. Being better looking doesn't make someone a better partner. The fact that my ex was the one who walked away from ME doesn't mean I'm not glad to be rid of him. Sure, at the time I was pretty cut up, but once I got over it and gained a little perspective I realized he was the biggest loser ever. I'm actually glad he dumped me, because at the time I was too dumb and short sighted to realize that I should dump him. It's not like I'm pining over him because he's the one who left me - it just so happens that he got in and dumped me first before I realized what a total idiot he was. I'd like to think that, given a little more time, I'd actually have had the common sense to get rid of him. So just because your boyfriend's ex was prettier, that doesn't mean she was better than you. I'm willing to bet that he loves you more and would never trade you for her, and wouldn't want her back even if she offered herself on a plate. Once he came to terms with the breakup, he probably realized what a total pain she was, and is glad that he's with you now. If it really bothers you, talk to him about it - he'll probably tell you what a b**** she was despite her pretty face.
  5. Maybe he is gay or bisexual but in denial, so he finds it easier to indulge his desires with men when they're dressed as women?
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