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Worn Passport


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My American passport is pretty worn, edges are frayed and a discoloured/dirty and its a bit flimsy but is intact and eligble. The last time I travelled to the states (I live in Dublin, Ireland) I was told that I should have it in better condition.


I tried to contact the US embassy in Dublin but I cant get them on the phone, it is only automated, I sent them an email but they sent me back a link to their website which doesnt answer my question if I need a new passport. I dont know if I call out there without an appointment,I know they are very tight on security I just want to know if I need a new one because I intend to move back to the states very soon.


Anybody else have a worn passport? would it be ok to travel with?

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i think as long as the photo is intact with no wear on that page (does it look as if the photo could have been swopped for example?)

you should be ok.

if you bought your plane ticket from a travel agent you could pop in there with the passport for their opinion or call out to the airport if it is near you-find a rep for the airline you are travelling with - they usually have a few help desks at the airport.

waiting for a response from an Embassy? good luck with that - i emailed 2 embassys in Jan and still am waiting for a reply.


er shh but the American Embassy in Dublin maybe you missed Obama trying to just use the driveway? not a good advert for the Embassy......sorry but ROFL

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Yes, do everything you can to make sure your passport is in acceptable condition. Yes, you can get denied entry as well as have your passport confiscated by ahe authorities if theyd deem it unacceptable, and that would leave you an even bigger mess to deal with.

Passport control in the US is very serious business, heck they will even force you to add pages to your passport if they do not feel you have enough open space for visas, trust me, as a well worn world traveller for work, I know.

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Ok, thanks. I will go out to the embassy on Monday and see if they will check it for me, you are supposed to have an appointment but the link for it on their website doesnt work and I cant ring them.


and yeah the Obama thing was pretty funny, went down to see him and saw that on the news after!

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