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  2. I would also make sure you are able to stay beyond the time you are planning. I've seen umpteen YouTube videos of people who traveled overseas and got "stuck". Either the country they were in would not allow flights to the US or the US would not allow flights from where they were traveling from. Some people got stuck for 3 months! If you work remotely you could arrange to work from Switzerland. If you don't work remotely it might be a good time to see if you can in the event you are subject to travel restrictions when trying to come back home. And buy travel insurance! Now more th
  3. At this time the United States remains on the list of high-risk countries and U.S. citizens will remain subject to the current entry restrictions. Mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland From 6 July 2020, people arriving in Switzerland from certain countries (incl. the USA) will be required to go into a 10-day quarantine(this is not simply a recommendation). The list of countries will be updated continuously. If you are arriving in Switzerland from one of the countries with a high risk of infection you will be required to: with a high risk of infection you will be requi
  4. Hey there, I live here so should be able to help you a bit :) train travel is regular and reliable but expensive. But if you book in advance you can get 'supersaver' tickets' that can end up being quite cheap. https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html Check out that site, its in english. You can also get a half fare card for like a month, which will save you some money. But you should be able to find all that info on this page. If you buy a ticket from Switzerland and it takes you through france, italy and germany for example, you would pay for it all through the swiss rail. And if yoi star
  5. All information here: https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-gb/
  6. Check out RailEurope. That will give you all the routes, cost, and times. I don't believe there are any discounts for foreign nationals.
  7. I'm traveling to Zurich, Interlaken and Geneva and I was hoping for some advice on a few things. I'm coming from the United States, and have been doing some research and just want to verify some things. So I have heard the train cost is 0.08 CHF per minute, is that true even for me as a foreign US citizen? How easy is it to get from place to place? How are the train times? Do trains run often? What about trains from Geneva to southern France? I hear there is some sort of pass you need in order to get access to the parks, specifically Grindelwald/ Cable car/ hiking/ overlook. What is t
  8. Congratulations! Hope your friendship continues to thrive!
  9. well as they say, nothing will happen unless you try. Best of luck to you in making more new friends. :)
  10. I'm 20 years old. I have not had a friend for 5 years. I've felt beyond lonely, to the point of just not caring. When corona started, it didn't change my life one bit. You'd think that it wouldn't affect me then, but it did. When corona started and everyone I know and everyone online started having all these changes made to their life, and I sat there completely unchanged, I realised how much I hated it. I realised how lonely I am, and how long I just haven't cared. Today, after 5 years, I had a meeting set up with a complete stranger. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was so ne
  11. Reminds me of something similar a friend and I experienced. We were going to explore a supposedly haunted "slaughterhouse," which in fact is actually an old grain processing plant. It's about a mile walk in along a paved road. It was nighttime but the moon was bright enough for us to see without needing lights. We could see two cell phone lights of people leaving the spot, walking towards us on the road. Friend and I didn't think much of it and kept walking down the road. The two girls, as it turned out, had their phones mostly pointed at the ground as they walked. That meant they didn't see u
  12. Another vote for Duolingo as it's totally free. As for learning pronunciation, watching Italian movies (or anything of value) helps heaps.
  13. Why are you reviving all these old threads about travel? This one is 4 years old.
  14. This is a 3 year old thread. Hopefully the OP has decided by now whether or not to make the trip.
  15. There's no single "best way" to learn any language, as everyone prefers different learning methods and everyone has different goals. If your aim is to be able to read the works of Dante, your approach is going to be completely different to someone who wants to chat in colloquial Italian to native speakers. I had a big trip to Italy coming up. To prepare, I used Pimsleur exclusively. I used to work a half hour from my house. On my rides to work, I would listen to a Pimsleur recording. I would repeat the lesson on the ride home. This worked wonderfully, but I made the most progress after I
  16. Very polite people, almost non existent crime, clean air and water around. Whichever city you explore, you wouldn't regret. So if you are a calm person and like places which are serene unlike loud party types, bhutan will not disappoint you.
  17. There are all sorts of downsides to being nomadic. We've met lots of nomadic families who really struggle with this lifestyle. It's definitely not for everyone. Just some of the issues that are difficult: homeschooling as you travel, socializing your kids and yourselves, getting good internet, being sick in a place you don't know well... there are so many more issues but those are the ones that spring to mind first.
  18. I travel solo because I want to be alone, which usually makes me odd (wo)man out. I don't really have much downtime because I make an itinerary of what I want to do, and then go out and do it. If I need five days, I stay there for five days, and then I move to a new location. If i find myself with too much downtime, that just means I am in a location for too long.
  19. Just returned from this amazing trip. Excellent advice about the Meaux Museum!! Surprisingly I was never assumed to be a Yank, rather amusing. Haha
  20. I think everyone's saying the same thing - it's ok to offer whatever you want but just keep in mind not everyone will respond in the way you may like them to. They're guests and part of being a gracious host is about making your guests feel welcome. Richey has another post on page 2 at the bottom, by the way. I usually like providing a lot of food and overstock so my general worry is "how the heck am I going to finish all this if they don't eat it all as it will spoil....must put in containers and insist they take home" lol!
  21. This is much ado about nothing. A good hostess never criticizes or instructs her guests about manners (Miss Manners). Put the food out and if they have some, great. If not, let the family eat it. No point in giving yourself all this brain damage about it.
  22. I see your point and I don't agree. If you really mean that "maybe later" isn't ok with you and comes across as rude/annoys you then offer nothing in the first place because offering a "now or never" drink or food item will make your guests feel that they have to accept it and then feel awkward if they don't partake (other than a glass of water -no one really notices if the water is untouched). The other thing you can do - tell them where you've put whatever it is and invite them to help themselves should they want something now or later - feel free to grab a la croix or beverage from th

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