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  2. I should wear a trench coat and dark glasses when I go out in the US now I think. That air of mystery could do me some good! I usually just walk out if I can't get a table, not wasting my money on a lousy experience. lol
  3. This is disappointing Coily! Here it is considered chic, independent and even mysterious to dine solo! Tell them you want your table!!!
  4. I have been thinking on a phenomenon I have encountered with my solo travels and dining specifically; is that in the US most places want to push a solo diner into the Bar. I'm not a fan of high top tables, nor do I want to be in a restaurant bar for my dining experience. When I went across Europe only once did they start with suggesting the bar, as they had a private function in the main dining area. Only once in 14 days! Now I can appreciate wanting to maximize capacity and a solo diner takes up half a table, but the number of times I had to vehemently insist that I get a proper table drives me mad. It has gotten me to the point where I rarely dine out in the US, and will get to go and eat in the car before I'll get shoved into the back part of a bar like a leper.
  5. Come to Greece to guide you ❤️ to see seas like fairy tale
  6. Cool! I'm French 🙂 Favourite places to visit would be Greece (Ithaca, to be precise), San Remo and Corsica.
  7. For me I really want to return to France, specifically Sedan, Verdun, and maybe Brittany as well. But then I'm a sucker for rural Belgium too.
  8. Hopefully we all will be getting a jab soon making next summer a promising time for safe travelling. Which places do you have in mind? would love to get ideas 😄

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