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I'm so emotionally exhausted and tired of life and its disappointments.


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I don't even feel like going into major details of what I'm feeling but I'll just give you little tidbits of how I'm feeling, I guess I'm just doing this more for venting purposes. I've always been someone who's tried to keep a positive outlook on life and I've been trying really hard to feel happy, keeping myself active, always trying to help others and trying to be a good person. But I always feel like I never get back anything and I'm always left hurt and alone. I'm just tired of being hurt by family and friends ,no one ever being there for me when I need them. I'm tired of not being able to find anyone that understands me, someone that actually listens or cares about me. I'm tired of being single and not being able to find a man that loves me. I'm tired of life always disappointing me in one way or another, it seems like I always attract drama in my life and I never go looking for it. I'm an extremely nice person, I have a nice sense of morals, I don't club,drink or have random sex, not knocking people who do. I'm a homebody and I do go out from time to time. I give love and I'm so nice to everyone but I just don't feel the love from anybody back. Sometimes I just feel invisible to people around me, it's almost like people find me boring or non existent. My life was never extra ordinary and I'm not particularly talented or good at anything. I see everyone around me with great lives filled with family and friends yet I've always struggled on these aspects. Going out and making friends was never easy for me as it was for some people. I so suck at dating, one crappy guy after the next and I'm extremely crushed by one guy I was taking a liking too and it's always been that way with a guy.. heartbreak number 142. I'm sure I'll get over this one as well in time. Would be nice to find a potential boyfriend but whatever..


I'm extremely lonely bitter and hurt on a lot of aspects. I just don't even know where to begin or end in all of this. I'm just really finding it hard to keep going with life when everytime I get up and dust myself off, I get knocked down again in some way.

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Don't beat yourself up. I'm going through the same thing, only what's worse, I caused the ENTIRE mess I'm in. Had a great boyfriend, my first true love, only to leave him after 5 years, - I was 20-25 then. Left for another person, we were together for 5 years moved out bought a house, did the whole damn thing only to realize that I'm still in love with my ex. So, I moved back home, left my friends, job, etc. only to find out that he is married with a child. I am 30 now and single realizing just how different my life could have been had I been patient. BUT, you've got to stay strong. TRUST ME, never in life did I expect to be in the siutation I am in. Feeling lost, sad, lonely, bitter. I used to look at the world with such opportunity and now it looks cold and lonely, but I get up each morning and try again. I'm not saying it is easy, just want you to know that you are not alone. Everyone may seem happy, but deep down we all have our fears. DO NOT compare yourself with others. You are one of a kind and your path is just as meaningful as the next. IT IS A CHOICE to be happy, make the right choice each day. Try to look at other's faults with compassion for lord knows what they have been through and hell, they might just be jealous of you. You are perfect the way you are and you will find love.

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I can totally relate with you. I'm the type of person that was also trying to keep the peace with everyone I met and rarely spoke up for my beliefs. During my high school days I only hung out with people that accepted me and I always laughed at their jokes and always did what they told me. Right now I'm in my early twenties, living at home and working a job I hate but that my parents don't want me to quit. I'm not sure if I'm depressed or not but I basically find it hard to get up in the mornings and be a productive part of society.


Basically your life sounds a hell of a lot better than mine so it can't be too bad. Right now I'm in the process of a getting a therapist to deal with my problems, maybe you should consider getting one also. Best of luck!

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I can think of several times in my life when I, too, was faced with great disappointment. A few of my disappointments spanned a couple of years, and they made me feel so discouraged. If you had asked me then, “Does this misfortune benefit you?” I would have shaken my head and sadly said, “Obstacles only get in the way.”


When I look back, I can see how particular hardships taught me valuable lessons and directly or indirectly improved my character. If you asked me now if those difficulties helped me, my answer would be very different. That’s one of the fascinating things about life: We don’t know everything or have all the facts, so sometimes we can’t see the meaning of things until later.


Life sends disappointments that can be difficult to weather. But sometimes those trials teach us important lessons that we might never have learned otherwise.

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Being disappointed is something I feel like I have dealt with all of my life. I am also the type of person who tries to make everyone happy and no one seems to care about my happiness. I am 51 years old ... had a very disappointing relationship with my parents as well as with all 4 of my siblings. Lots of abuse in the family so I got out as young and moved into an abusive relationship with a man who I had two daughters with. I left him right after the birth of the second child and raised both of them on my own. I did enjoy that time in my life very much, even though it was quite stressful the girls really brought a lot of joy to my heart. But as soon as they could the both moved out of state and now they life 1300 miles from me and have each given me 2 grandchildren all of which i completely adore. But I don't get to see them very often and this leaves me feeling especially disappointed. My husband is a decent man....I met him almost 7 years ago, right when my youngest daughter was about to leave home. I was happy to have him in my life...however at this point we spend the majority of our time taking care of his very elderly parents and that is very depressing, His mother is very negative and verbally abusive and she and his father do nothing but complain. My husband is very opinionated and is always telling me how to have a relationship with my daughters and he has a son that disowned him, step children from a previous relationship that use him and I really resent him for trying to tell me how to have relationships. So here I am just 4 days from Christmas feeling the need to post on here to talk to strangers about my feelings instead of having a loving support system in my life. I am sick and tired of never measuring up to other peoples expectations of me. It's hard to love yourself when everyone around you takes you for granted and doesn't see that you have needs to. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and that the new year ahead brings you happiness.

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I'm only 20 yet I feel like this sometimes, I don't know what it is really, academically i'm talented, i have good job prospects, i love my boyfriend dearly, but i'm sort of just tired from life, i think it scares me. Growing up, facing failures, coping, I think it all scares me. Even though it's not the same as you have all listed, I hope that in time my drive for life picks up again, reckon i'm just going through a winter lull.

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I feel the same.

If I were to describe my feelings with my family and especially with my mother, it would be that my lot in life is to never ever have any peace of mind. It is like my role is always ever to be the emotional care-giver, to offer emotional comfort to others at the expense of my own. If I ever get hurt, or offended then it is I who is the bad guy, and not the person doing me wrong. Lets not even talk about trying to open up to others, I like most of you don't have an effective support system, so every-time I have ever tried to share my feelings with the people I know it just leads to more backlash and misery.


At this point I am just so tired, of everything. I find it increasingly hard to care about anything. For example my sister was angry at me today over something stupid about her kid, and I was distraught for a little while, but now I too don't care. She can be angry at me, I am too tired to deal with it or make it right. If only not caring was an effective long term strategy. I just want to curl up and forget that the world exists.


My life over the last few years has just been disappointment after disappointment and at this point I am coming to resent my own optimism and positive outlook, which only ever seems to pick me up so that I can be put down again.

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