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  1. If you were 25 I would say give him time. You're 35'ish. If you had you're 1st kid THIS VERY SECOND, you would be 53 by the time it's 18. Times a tickin'. You make your best quality eggs in your mid to late 20's. TO ME 35, the eggs/sperm quality start to decline (DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH that part is my own conjecture). So yeah, if you're smoking hot, you're doing the right thing. There are TONS of men who would impregnate you. Trouble is finding a stable one who won't run off. Not too mention in-vitro fertilization. Having kids isn't like anything else in life. You can walk away from a car, house, spouse, job, friends, & etc and start over. NOT w/ kids !!! They are there like an unpaid credit card bill. Kids and marriage is ball of wax for us men. He might be concerned about not being where he wanted to be in life, he may not be sure you're the one, concerned about the aftermath of a divorce (which is financially devastating to a man), and not the mention the average marriage in america last 20 years. Therefore guarenteeing divorce. Look at it from his angle. HOWEVER simply ask him why he doesn't want kids yet.
  2. Anne the mod is on point!!! She gives the best advice!!!
  3. Don't know where you live, but you need to take legal action. You weren't the 1st and you won't be the last women to be raped by him. He will destroy more women's lives like he's doing yours. He needs to go to prison for his actions so HE CAN BE RAPED BY SOMEBODY W/ A 20inch penis!!! "Evil flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing."
  4. Mine are: Lady Antebellum-Need you now. Makes me think of my ex and why I'm sleeping alone. Makes me wanna pound back some hard alchohol and sweep a random woman off her feet then make passionate love to her. Aerosmith-Don't want to miss a thing A song about how a father wants to be there for his daughter. Applies to how much a person can dote on their lover. I sung it Karoake 4 my ex. Beyonce-Single Ladies It's HILARIOUS!!! I'm not afraid to put a ring on Ms. Right. Journey-Don't Stop Believing Did a 1/2 drunk Karoake duet w/ recent ex. Was funny how it applied to both of us!!!
  5. What songs make you think of the love or un-love your wife/husband, gf/bf, or ex? Post why for each song as well!
  6. You poor thing. You are trapped in a box. As far as dating, try a free dating site such as OK Cupid or Plenty of Fish. Being a woman, men will respond in droves. You just take your pick. Of course many men will just want to use you for sex, so use your best judgement. You sound depressed. Normally I'd recommend therapy, but obviously you can't afford it, so I recommend a 12 step program. I attend 1 and it's uplifting to find people more screwed up than you. This is Emotions Anonymous link removed find a meeting near you and attend it. May help you with depression. Good luck.
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