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One lifes journey into eternity meh who am I kidding


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Well I though I might start this journal with a edgy title but really its not the title that matters is it after all? I mean if you think abou it we don't enjoy Twinkies for the name on the box no! we gobble them up because of the delicious cream filling so heres is my cream filling people Here is who I am or who I am so far the part I have discovered...


Im a 31 year old female originally from the states whos now living in a another country im disabled and yes I am truly disabled was hit by a car in my younger days. For you hard nosed tw@tz who automatically put disabled in the same boat as lazy oh I know your out there.


And another delicious tidbit for said tw@tz im an overweight women OMG how hideous how lazy she must be! Oh pleazzzz get over yourselves theres days I cant wipe my own bum from my disabilitys so the last thing im worrying about is a few extra pounds in the eyes of the vain and brainless.


Really if you don't like me based on that alone then truly thats your issues not mine I suggest you wear them with pride and more power to ya hooyaa! Just do me a favor and check them at the door if you care to come in my house. Cause only those with an open mind and a kind heart are truly welcome.


Note the irony of the Twinkie reference earlier? yea thats me I love irony and have a odd some what sarcastic sense of humor. Mind you now im not a total self absorbed wanker the two can be separate. I can "tell you like it is" with out being up for wank face of the year!


Its a balance its yin and yang its Java and milk yea you get the idea lets see here moving along on our merry little journey.. Oh yea I know im currently recovering from a extremely abusive relationship that I was in for about 3 years. It ended last year or as I like to think my life started back up last year.


Theres nothing like allowing your self to live a nightmare he was a right sick wanker too but at the end of the day I chose to stay so thats something I will wear for the rest of my life now live and lean I suppose.


Ya know it is true what doesn't kill you will make you stronger! however the part of that inspirational little saying thats left out I think is (and also most likely give you a raging mental illness) But yeah you prob wouldn't sell many bumper stickers if it said the hole truth ya think? na.


Im now in recovery mode I suppose I have new man a decent man well other then leaving the dam toilet seat up but thats nothing some duck tape cant fix at the end of the day so its all good. I have 4 lovely cats and am happy in the knowledge that cause of the bf I no longer qualify for crazy cat lady status!


Anyhoo thats a bit of me im hoping to enjoy my time around these message boards and see what I can find and maybe help a few people as I go thats about it for now catch you all later

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