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Second date update! Help.....


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First date was dinner and bar....no kiss and no hug...


Second date it was, mini golf, movies, dinner, bar and kareoke bar. The bar and kareoke bar was us and 2 of her friends.


During the movies I wanted to hold her hand(Gosh I was sooo nervous just trying to hold her hands), so we just held hands.

During the whole night i was looking for her body language to see if she would be giving away signs if she likes me.......I couldnt really tell. Maybe it was cuz her friends were there. I then walked her home and gave her a hug. that was it.........sad


I like this girl but feel maybe I should move on. I want to ask her out on a third date but not sure if it will go anywhere. how am i going to kiss her if im so nervous to hold her hands.


Is it too early to give up??? should i ask her out on another date?? Should i be worried there has been no kiss? What would an appropriate 3rd date be?? maybe the aquarium??? The date was yesterday.....when should i contact her again.......or should i wait until she contacts me???

ahhh im so bad at dating....=/

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Hi, I understand your anxiety. I think the best thing to do would be take a deeeep breath, relax, and just go with it. Try not to get impatient about getting physical with a new person. I think after just 2 or 3 dates, or even 4 or 5, you should just be chill and not worry. Go out and do fun and enjoyable, relaxing things together, and let the affection happen naturally. People have to become comfortable together usually, before they begin to express themselves physically.


If you are nervous and attached to a particular outcome, it will show, you'll be tense, she'll be tense, and then things might fizzle out. If there is chemistry between you, eventually you will magnetize together. Just try to get to know each other and take it easy. Take the time to find out if you both want the same thing. Enjoy one another, and I'm sure soon you will be cuddling up!

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i can't imagine her going on this long 2nd date with you if there was no interest. if i weren't interested, i'd say i had a headache and go home after the first or second event. i wonder if she is interested and just waiting for you to make the move!


i'd try body touching that isn't sexual. like if you are telling a joke, touch her arm. see if she reciprocates. that kind of stuff. like if you lean in close, does she lean away or towards you?

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When you held her hand at the movies, did you just hold it or did you stroke it a little with your finger(s)? I've had my past dates do that as a first interaction and, I being a shy girl myself, took it as subtle but flirty, and you will be more comfortable holding her hand the second time around. If you get a response from that, take it a little further and put your arm around her. If you are doing something else in public, I'd have to agree with annie...do something more playful and friendly but not overbearing.


The way I do it, and perhaps this is a little different as I'm female, I always throw out there that I'm very ticklish, and usually the guy takes it as a signal and playfully pokes my sides or something to that affect which breaks the ice. Maybe there is a way you could work with that topic, just as a suggestion.

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I would ask her out again. I am shy, and with my ex who I was crazy about from the first date, I was shy. He held my hand in the car, and rubbed my aching knee, and my neck, and I was stiff as a board. i really liked him.


The second date, I was still really stiff. Don't remember the 3rd.


The forth date, I went to his house to watch a movie. he pulled me to him, and I sat paralyzed with him, didn't move one second for the entire movie. I really like him. I was just really shy about it I guess. Finally, we did break the ice, but it took a while.


I would say, ask her out. If she says yes, she probably likes you, but is shy. She held your hand. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't have done that. She could have easily pulled it away.


I am old school. I say, you should ask her out. It is going ok. The worse she can say is no. My friend says if you don't ask the answer is no.

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Yea I'm hoping to ask her out again next Friday for dinner and drinks. Hopefully it will just be us. When should I contact her again?? Friday night was our second date. I texted her once in the morning again but that was it. One of my friends told me to wait a couple days before contacting her again... Or should I wait for her to contact me??

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