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So, you may have read my other posts about the somewhat sticky situation with my ex GF, it was hard to get over her but I have for some time, though for some reason I kind of have the feeling she has not, despite her saying she is.


Now, we have been talking somewhat regular and all that and starting to be friends is starting to work, or so I thought.


She needed a ride to and from school because of certain implications. So I said sure, semi ackward ride to school, we txted a good part of the rest of the day, was not as ackward 2nd time, so I thought good everything is going fine.


So we keep talking and blah blah, and she asks about a few things I dont think she should be.


So. we're talking and all that and out of nowhere she asks me. " So how long have you been sleeping with her? "

I say " about a month? Why does that really matter? "

She says " Well it hasnt been nearly as long with him "

I say " Oh..Thats nice? "

More talking, one thing leads to another I say, " Listen, I know all this and that but the reason I'm trying to be freinds is because I know you don't like me like that anymore, is what it is ya know? "

Her: Bye.


So, shes going camping with her BF and his fam all weekend as she told me so of course being nice I say " Well, have a great 4th, I'll txt you mon or tues kay? ", And I left it at that. On friday night.


So, yesterday I had a pretty amazing day, got some good news about my future, things start moving along nicely with my new girl. Hung out with some awesome freinds, went down to the regatta. So I post on my facebook. " Awesome day, have not been this happy in a long time! "


Within a minute I get a txt saying. this at around midnight while shes out there with him mind you.


" Happyiest you've been in years? wow nice. "


I txt back


" Honestly, it had nothing to do with you at all, nor was it directed at you in the slightest. Seriously. "


She says


" You said on facebook your the happyiest youve been in years, I was with you for y ears, so it does mean me "


I txt back


" Listen, I've told you this before. You made me plenty happy when we were dating, and you make me plenty happy as a friend to. Ive told you I don't know how many times. Your great, and I'm serious you do make me happy as a friend and you did while we were dating to. So it had NOTHING to do with you. "


She txts back " Bye "


So I leave her with.


" Listen, it was NOT directed at you or anyone for that matter. Your smarter than that. Now, I hope you have a great 4th of july, I know I will so you should to. I'll txt you monday or tuesday, not sure. But seriosuly have fun. "


Have not gotten a response to that yet.


This situation really confuses me, alot. She say's shes over me and all that but then goes out of her way to txt me over a FB post at midnight? Is she being spiteful, or is she not completely done yet?


Its confusing, and annoying at best. Whenever she does ask or we do talk about who Im with now. She seems to ask alot. I did hurt her alot by being an ass, yet. She still talks to me at all, and then goes out of her way for things like this.


She does have a BF of a little over a month who claims she is in love with.


And * * * * like this just makes me angry because I have gone very much out of my way lately to make sure I'm very nice and gets where she needs to be if she needs a ride or somthing, then she pulls this.

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I would say she really doesn't have a boyfriend, but is pretending like she does. This may be true, especially since she gets back to you so quickly.

Nah, she does. Been dating for a lil over a month, says shes in love already so I'm not sure why she still talks to me at all.

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Sounds like she's not over it to me... But you are dealing with it well! Don't try and justify yourself too much cos u don't need to and it's starting a game that could end very badly!


I would put a bit more space between the two of you again, it could just be your proximity and the fact that your getting on well again that is confusing her... I'm not saying NC, cos it sounds like you have a potential friendship, and it sounds like that's what you want, just some more space and let it grow slowly!

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She may be over you, but she doesn't want you to be over her.


^^^ I agree.


If you value her friendship just try not to stir things up for now. I think the questions about the new girl will subside rather quickly....If I were you I would just make any status updates not visible to her...there's a way you can choose to select specific people to not see a post....maybe do that for a while on every post since you can't twll which will upset her....and just give it some time.

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Sounds like you're both still in contact too often.



In contact to often? We still txt daily and see each other once a week.






Last night it went.


Me: listen, just to let you know next time I see you we have something important to talk about, so if I act all serious I'm not joking around like normal, just letting you know in advance ok? ( there really is no ' me wanting to try to get her back ' in what I was going to talk about ),

Her: ??? Just tell

Me: No, I'm busy and wanted to let you know. Its more about you rather than us.

Her: Just tell

Me: Nope, go to bed. I just wanted to let you know for when I see you, if I don't tell you in advance of this stuff you get pissed when I try to be serious. I want to avoid any kind of argument.

Her: Just tell me now!!!!

Me: You said you were going to bed as soon as I said that? I'm going swimming, night.

Her: Nope Tell me now

Me: Ugh, this is like talking to a brick wall. Listen ( Insert crap about how she changed me as a person in a good way because she asked me awhile and I told her it was 50/50 blah blah )

Her: Tell me the rest after....

Me: I can't txt here ( Here being my FWBs house )

Her: Tell me the rest and why you asked about the pictures....

Her: Where r u?


Me: I'll try before we go to bed, I'm just turning the pool heat thing on now, but I will try ok?

* next day *

Me: I asked about the pictures because I found a bunch I didnt know I had, I threw them away and wanted to make sure you took them off facebook, its kinda embarssing to have them up ya know?

Her: Idc...

Me: Well you asked, anyway. Its not really any of your business where I was last night, I'll telll you the rest later ok? And I just don't want to be known as someone who ever went out with you if I'm honest?

Her: Stop txting me im at work, and I knew you were over at her house I had a feeling

Me: But you sent me txts at 2am to txt u today????


So I was kinda like " huh? "

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