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So I was having my depressed days lately, where I only ate one piece of bread each day


The good news is that they only lasted 1 1/2 days this time when they usually lasted 3-4 days in the past.


When my good days arrive, I just reinforce myself of how much better I am off by proving it. I jog (LOVE jogging), I socialize, I flirt, etc. And each time my good days arrive, the reasons become more and more apparent.


I have an appetite and I'm craving sushi


I'm feeling better as of right now...Hope this makes some peeps feel better, too.

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Hey even if thats not you in your photo,, you still seem like A sweet beautiful person,,, I felt like such a Jerk for writing that ealier LoL


Still i need to refine my flirting though,, its been a while, Gotta get back on the horse!

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I had absolutely zero appetite my first week. I basically survived off of forcing food down my throat. I lost 5 pounds that week.


But now I am so much better and life is really going good. Of course I still think about my ex every 5 minutes but I am enjoying my life.

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